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350 Kg of Adulterated Vegetables Seized By Food Safety Officials

At the Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex on Monday, food safety authorities confiscated adulterated vegetables.

Chintu Das
Fresh Green Peas
Fresh Green Peas

At the Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex, food safety authorities confiscated 350 kgs of adulterated vegetables. Traders were detected putting colourants in green peas and other crops, according to Satheesh Kumar, Designated Officer for Food Safety in Chennai.

"At the Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex, we issued notifications to 15 vendors and levied a fine of 5,000 rupees." If stores are discovered to be using colouring agents for the second time, they will be closed. Dr. Satheesh Kumar stated, "We will conduct raids again in a few days."

The officers seized at least 350 kg of green peas. In order to offer the veggies to stores, some traders employed colourants on butter beans. A total of six kg of such veggies were confiscated. Unauthorized colourants were also discovered in papad packets, according to food safety officials. Officials claimed the merchandise had been confiscated.

In the market, some sellers were also selling gutka and other prohibited tobacco items. Tobacco goods that are prohibited were also seized.

Food safety experts intend to educate traders about the dangers of using toxic colourants in vegetables.

How can you know if the green leafy veggies bought from market are fresh and unadulterated?

Green leafy vegetables have a multitude of health advantages, including protecting your body from a variety of life-threatening illnesses and maintaining the health of your bones and intestines. As a result, it is critical that you avoid ingesting contaminated veggies, which can cause major health problems.

Your green leafy veggies can be tampered with in a variety of ways. Some merchants use pesticides to speed up the ripening process, while others use synthetic colours, malachite green, and a wax coating to make them look shinier and greener. There might be additional, lesser-known methods to tamper with your vegetables.

There's an easy way to tell whether your vegetables have been tampered with.

1. Take a cotton ball, dipped in liquid paraffin

2. Rub or dab it on the outer green surface of the green vegetable

3. If there is no colour change on the cotton, the vegetable is unadulterated

4. If the cotton turns green, the vegetable is adulterated

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