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90 Percent Subsidy to Women Farmers on Purchase of Agricultural Equipments

The government is running different schemes to increase women’s active participation in agriculture like other fields. Recently, with an initiative to strengthen women’s participation in farming, Jharkhand Land Conservation Department has decided to provide agricultural equipment at 90 percent subsidy to women associated with ‘Sakhi Mandal’ in the state.

Pronami Chetia

The government is running different schemes to increase women’s active participation in agriculture like other fields. Recently, with an initiative to strengthen women’s participation in farming, Jharkhand Land Conservation Department has decided to provide agricultural equipment at 90 percent subsidy to women associated with ‘Sakhi Mandal’ in the state.  

With this step, the government is planning to inculcate advanced farming at low cost along with the participation of women in the rural economy. In collaboration with the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society, the state government allows women to purchase beneficial agricultural equipment at a subsidy of 90%. 

Significantly, this scheme will especially benefit those women who hold small agriculture land. As told by a local farmer, the income is usually less due to small farms while it requires expensive agricultural equipment which cost more compared to their income. On the other hand, every tractor owner used to give priority to big fields. Consequently, plowing on small farmers' fields gets delayed that had a negative impact on yields. 

What will be the benefit of the scheme? 

Rural women of Jharkhand will highly benefit from this scheme. Due to 90 percent subsidy, agricultural machinery has now come in budget. They can plow their fields on time, which will reduce their cost and they can sow seeds on time. 

Agricultural devices are designed keeping women in mind: 

Agricultural machinery is designed keeping in mind the priority for women. While these instruments are small in size on one side, they are also very light. These instruments can be easily lifted or handled. The plowing of fields on hilly and rocky lands can also be done with small instruments. 

What is Sakhi Mandal: 

Women of Jharkhand can join the Sakhi Mandal by joining the livelihood mission run by the Rural Development Department of the state. The rural women can avail the benefit of this scheme directly by joining Sakhi Mandal.  

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