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Acute Food Insecurity in Afghanistan, Says FAO Economist

Maximo Torero, a senior economist at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has noted that the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is a growing concern for the international community.

Shivam Dwivedi
Acute Food Insecurity in Afghanistan, Says FAO Economist
Acute Food Insecurity in Afghanistan, Says FAO Economist

He explained that the population is experiencing not only a significant degree of acute food insecurity but also a widespread prevalence of this issue.

According to him, the worst food crisis is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, followed by Ethiopia and Afghanistan. According to Torero, Nigeria, Yemen, Myanmar, Syria Arab Republic, Sudan, Ukraine, and Pakistan are among the countries experiencing a food crisis.

According to Wahidullah Amani, spokesman for the World Food Programme in Afghanistan, the absence of female personnel from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has impeded the country's ability to provide relief.

"WFP believes that aid delivery is better with women, and the WFP's priority is to bring back women workers." He informed media, "We will continue our efforts in this regard at all levels."

Poverty and hunger have grown significantly in Afghanistan since the Taliban retook power in August 2021. According to OCHA estimates, around 28.3 million Afghans, or roughly two-thirds of the country's population, will require urgent humanitarian and protection assistance in 2023.

At the start of the year, Afghanistan was the world's largest and worst humanitarian disaster. This is a considerable reduction in both quantity and intensity. Humanitarian organizations have often urged the world community to stand in solidarity with the Afghan people and to assist them in their hour of need.

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