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ADAFSA Partners with Hub71 to Foster Agri-Tech Advancements

Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has signed an agreement with Hub71, the global digital ecosystem of Abu Dhabi, to expedite the implementation of advanced technologies in the agricultural sector.

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ADAFSA Partners with Hub71 to Foster Agri-Tech Advancements (Pic Credit-ADAFSA's Twitter Account)
ADAFSA Partners with Hub71 to Foster Agri-Tech Advancements (Pic Credit-ADAFSA's Twitter Account)

The collaboration aims to bring together AgriTech industry players in a collaborative atmosphere and encourage them to develop cutting-edge agricultural, food safety, food security, and biosecurity technology.

The partnership seeks to address the challenges facing the AgriTech sector by linking businesses with entrepreneurs providing technology-based solutions. Additionally, the collaboration aligns with the UAE's objectives for a more sustainable future, which was announced as the Year of Sustainability in 2023, to safeguard its land and resources.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Mariam Harib AlSuwaidi, ADAFSA's Deputy Director-General of Operational Affairs, and Ahmad Ali Alwan, Hub71's Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Startups will benefit from interacting with experts through a mentorship program led by industry specialists. Moreover, the two organizations will collaborate to establish a strong network of AgriTech stakeholders from business, academia, and government to foster partnerships and support startup breakthroughs.

In 2022, the UAE topped the Middle East and North Africa in the Global Food Security Index (GFSI), ranking 23rd overall, up 12 places from 2021. It ranked 31st in food affordability, 7th in food availability, 16th in food safety and quality, and 53rd in sustainability and adaptation sub-indicators. The National Food Security Strategy aims to create a comprehensive national system that will enable sustainable food production, placing the country first in the global food security index by 2051.

According to the Director-General of ADAFSA, Saeed Al Bahri Al Ameri, the collaboration will enhance the Emirate's position as a worldwide hub for agricultural technologies designed for desert conditions, along with solutions for addressing soil, water, and climate change issues. In addition, he mentioned that foreign businesses and creative minds can take advantage of Abu Dhabi's programs and incentives.

The use of modern agricultural technology is consistent with the sustainability principles upheld by the governments of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, as it provides practical solutions to address climate change challenges while rationalizing the use of natural resources and increasing productivity and supply chain efficiency.

Ahmad Ali Alwan, Hub71's Deputy Chief Executive Officer, stated that the agreement with ADAFSA will enable Hub71 to unlock opportunities for AgriTech startups to build ground-breaking technologies that can revolutionize the agriculture sector. As Abu Dhabi strengthens its commitment to sustainability, AgriTech startups will play a critical role in developing solutions that protect food supply chains from environmental threats, decrease carbon emissions and encourage sustainable practices.

The partnership is a significant step towards promoting sustainable food security and supporting innovation along the value chain from producer to consumer. Startups will have access to Hub71's company-building program, as well as access to ADAFSA's cutting-edge research laboratories and ADAFSA-funded infrastructure throughout Abu Dhabi, allowing them to contribute to advancing biosecurity systems and improving food quality and safety.

The agreement will unite the government and AgriTech sectors in the Emirate's goal of a broader shared ecosystem for sustainable innovation while bringing stakeholders together in a collaborative environment to engage and transact. Startups will have access to the broader Abu Dhabi ecosystem as well as the potential to collaborate directly with global tech businesses, government organizations, and investors to develop breakthrough AgriTech solutions.

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