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Bangalore Krishi Mela 2022: Over 1.5 Lakh Visitors Came to Learn About the Latest Innovations in Agriculture

The topic ‘Innovation in Agriculture’ for Krishi Mela 2022 was highly recognized, with exhibitors presenting various advanced development of technology in Karnataka.

Sonali Behera
'Innovation in Agriculture’ theme for Krishi Mela 2022 was highly acknowledged.
'Innovation in Agriculture’ theme for Krishi Mela 2022 was highly acknowledged.

The University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS, Bangalore) Krishi Mela 2022 focuses on ‘Startups in agriculture.' This year the Krishi Mela, which is being conducted in the GKVK campus in Yelahanka, Bangalore, started on November 3 and will last till November 6.

The purpose of the yearly fair is to raise awareness about new crops, emerging technologies and shifting climatic conditions.

The main attraction of the mela this year will be nearly thirty businesses in industries such as food processing, tissue culture, crop protection, precision agriculture, Agri-drones, marketing, and supply chain.

Governor Thawarchand Gehlot, who inaugurated the event, complimented the efforts being made to create jobs, enhance agricultural exports and increase farmer income.

Despite the unseasonal rain, an estimated 1.6 lakh people attended the University of Agricultural Sciences-four-day Bangalore 's Krishi Mela on Thursday. On the first day, the total transaction from all stalls at the mela was projected to be over 1.12 crore.

Farmers are becoming more interested in adopting technology to help reduce the workforce, with innovations such as deploying drones for enhanced farm management, lowering salt content in the soil and solar energy for energy efficiency, even in places without power.

The topic of 'Innovation in Agriculture’ for Krishi Mela 2022 was highly acknowledged, with exhibitors presenting various technology. In locations where electricity is only available for a few hours or not at all, solar-powered inverters and water-pumping devices can be very beneficial to farmers.

The producers, Mecwin Empowering Future, sold around 25,000 units of their most popular product, the water pumping machine, in India this year.

South India is also seen for its adoption of drones in the agri- industry for the 2022 budget.

Beegle Agritech, a firm located in Bangalore , has been renting out drones for mapping, surveying, and image processing, as well as analyzing crop health, crop count, and yield. The drones use multi-spectral sensors to gather photos, with red representing stressed crops, yellow representing mild stress and green representing regions functioning well.

Stall owners who displayed harrowing, separating, and harvesting devices claimed the items were increasingly popular among farmers as they lowered labour expenses and time investment in their fields. The technology also aided in increasing the quality and quantity of the produce. 

De-stoning, de-hulling and polishing equipment from Karnataka that can separate up to 400kg of grains at a time were very popular.

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