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Bullish Market Brings Cheer to Nellore Paddy Growers

Even though the crop is wet after harvest, millers and traders from the East Godavari and West Godavari districts frequently visit farms in the Nellore district to buy freshly harvested paddy.

Shivam Dwivedi
Nellore Paddy Growers
Nellore Paddy Growers

Due to rising market prices for paddy as a result of increased foreign demand for non-basmati rice, farmers in the Nellore district are taking full advantage of the favorable weather. The majority of farmers took a crop holiday over the summer because of the unfavorable market conditions during the Kharif and rabi seasons. The Edagaru crop was chosen by farmers during the summer, and they are now reaping the rewards.

Millers and traders from East Godavari and West Godavari districts are visiting farms in Nellore district on a regular basis to purchase freshly harvested paddy, even though the crop is wet after harvest. Due to the relatively high moisture content in their produce, farmers had difficulty selling paddy during rabi, as millers took 10% more paddy on this count.

The irrigation authorities gave the go-ahead for paddy cultivation on 4.50 lakh acres this summer, with the major reservoirs—Somasila and Kandaleru—brimming over. However, the farmers only planted paddy on more than 60,000 acres. Farmers in Buchireddipalem are relieved that the market price has risen to 15,000 per putti (850 kg), allowing them to offset their losses to some extent.

The harvest has yet to begin in full force. As only one-third of the produce was covered by the market intervention scheme, the majority of farmers sold paddy to private traders for 12,000 per putti, as opposed to the minimum support price of 16,600 during rabi. They were also forced to part with more paddy due to the high moisture content.

However, they are unsure how long the market will remain buoyant and what will happen when harvesting reaches its peak. They are also unsure about the impact of the Union government's announcement of a 20% export duty on non-Basmati rice except for parboiled rice in order to boost domestic supplies in the aftermath of a decrease in paddy acreage in the current Kharif season.

According to Andhra Pradesh Federation of Farmers' Association President Ch. Koti Reddy, the State government should direct the Rythu Bharosa Kendras (RBKs) to intervene in the market as in the past to avoid a drastic drop in market price in the coming days. He pressed for the early payment of over 20 crore in paddy procurement dues to farmers, as well as Hamali and transport charges of another 20 crore.

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