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Farmer's Desi 'Jugaad' to Keep Birds Out of Crops Impresses Netizens

An iron chain is linked to the motor of a fan in the video, and as the fan runs, the chain continually hits the empty steel box, producing a loud noise.

Chintu Das
Viral Feed
Viral Feed

In Indian communities, scarecrows constructed in fields are a common sight. Humanoid scarecrows are commonly used by farmers to protect their crops from damage caused by birds and other animals. 

A farmer decided to create a contraption out of common things to shoo animals and birds away from his fields, and the video has gone viral. An iron chain is linked to the motor of a fan, which drives the chain and makes a loud noise by hitting an empty steel box. Birds and other animals become annoyed and flee when the device emits this constant noise.

The video was shared on the Jugaad Life Hacks Instagram feed.  

In a similar example, a video uploaded on Twitter shows a scarecrow dressed in a red scarf and gloves, a green sweater, and a blue skirt, with a terrifying expression, at an undisclosed location. Instead of standing still like a regular scarecrow, the scarecrow was swinging around thanks to a spring coil.

In addition, a similar scarecrow event occurred in Cambodia, when farmers used age-old 'Ting Mong' scarecrows to fend off the disease. A sentry constructed by superstitious farmers to fend off the coronavirus stands watch in front of a rural Cambodian home, wearing a floral-shirted scarecrow with a plastic pot for ahead. The imaginatively portrayed scarecrows, known as "Ting Mong" in Khmer, frequently appear in communities that have been hard-hit by infectious illnesses like as dengue fever or water-borne diarrhea.

What is a Scarecrow?

Scarecrow, a device used to keep birds and other animals from eating or otherwise damaging seeds, shoots, and fruit on cultivated land; its name comes from its usage against crows.

The scarecrow of popular legend is a straw-stuffed mannequin with free-hanging, typically reflecting components that move in the wind to boost efficacy. Some believe that a scarecrow dressed in the garb of a hunter who has fired on the flock is particularly effective.

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