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Farmers Happy Due to High Demand of Cotton

There is huge demand for cotton and private cotton traders are desperate to purchase cotton from farmers since there is fall in yield due to rains this kharif in the erstwhile Adilabad district. It is expected that the cotton price may touch Rs 10,000 per quintal in the near future.

Ayushi Raina
Cotton farmer working in field
Cotton farmer working in field

Cotton is in high demand, and private cotton dealers are eager to buy cotton from farmers owing to a reduction in output due to rainfall this Kharif in the erstwhile Adilabad region. 

Cotton prices are projected to reach Rs.10000 per quintal in the near future. For the first time, private cotton dealers are posting messages on social media claiming that they are offering between Rs.8300-Rs.8500 per quintal at their ginning mills and providing factory details in the messages. 

Unlike in the past, some private cotton sellers are now utilising social media to entice farmers to visit their ginning factories. This was necessary since the majority of farmers were selling their products in Maharashtra, where they were collecting more than Rs.9000 per quintal without assessing moisture content, as opposed to private traders in Adilabad. Cotton farmers in Maharashtra are interested in selling their cotton since private sellers are lowering the price in the name of cotton's high moisture content. 

Cotton is in high demand on the worldwide market, but there was no excellent yield. Private cotton dealers are bidding against one another to buy cotton.

Against this backdrop, private cotton dealers are obligated to provide favourable rates, even if they are more than Rs.9000, despite the fact that the MSP is Rs.6250. 

Marsakola Sarengarao of Mamidiguda in Adilabad Rural mandal, a cotton farmer, expressed delight at receiving Rs.9000 per quintal in Maharashtra, where farmers had incurred enormous losses owing to crop damage caused by severe rains during the kharif season. Farmers claim that the high price being given will somewhat compensate for their losses. Sarengarao stated that if the price had been lower this time, the farmers would have been in serious trouble. 

Some private traders are acquiring cotton directly from farmers in villages and paying fair prices so that farmers may save transportation costs to carry their cotton to Maharashtra and private ginning factories in Adilabad. 

However, because there are no cotton purchases on the market, the Adilabad market yard has suffered massive losses.

The Adilabad market yard was desolate, with no bullock carts or vehicles carrying cotton brought in by farmers. 

Surprisingly, some farmers are not selling their cotton right now, but stockpiling it and hoping to sell it when it reaches Rs.10000 a quintal. 

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