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Farmers must grow Biofuel Crops to increase their income: Nitin Gadkari

In order to enhance their earning potential, farmers in Bihar must diversify to produce biofuel crops, says Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Abha Toppo
nitin gadkari
Nitin Gadkari

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said that farmers in Bihar must diversify to produce biofuel crops to enhance their earning potential.

Gadkari said that making ethanol from sugarcane, corn, biomass and rice (husk) can increase farmers’ income.

Establish biofuel units

Stressing that the market price of corn is almost 40% lower than the MSP, the minister said Bihar could focus on setting up factories & use these farm produce for making biofuels as that help in increasing farmers’ income. Gadkari said he would take steps to provide loan assistance for such projects.

He added, “10 per cent ethanol blending is allowed for petrol & diesel…Demand (for ethanol) is very high than its availability. Vehicle manufacturers such as Bajaj and TVS have started making bikes that run with 100% ethanol”.

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