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Farmers Want MSP for All Agri Produce, Threaten to Protest Again If Demands Not Met

Before the convention began, a sizable rally including thousands of farmers took place.

Chintu Das

Farmers are once again threatening to stage a protest since their demand for a guaranteed minimum support price (MSP)" for all agricultural produce is still not met. The farmer groups from five southern states, including Karnataka, assembled on Tuesday in a convention held in Krishnagiri of Tamil Nadu and planned to conduct another large convention in Coimbatore in August.

It must be noted that "Guaranteed Minimum Support Price (MSP)" for all agricultural produce and the elimination of the GST on agricultural products and equipment were both demanded by the farmers.

"Resolutions were voted at the conference seeking a reform in the agricultural credit policy, compensation for crop damage by wild animals, and a call for the government to take a specific action," said farmer leader Kurubur Shantakumar, who attended the convention.

According to Shanthakumar, the central government's policy on private investment is to blame for villages going bankrupt. Before the convention began, a sizable rally including thousands of farmers took place.

About MSP

The Minimum Support Price or the MSP is ordinarily known as the method to protect the farmers in India from the vulnerabilities of the business markets as well as against those of the natural kind. The MSP acts as a safety net for the Indian farmers and is the center of the agrarian transformation that saw India changing from a food-insufficient to a food-surplus country.

Throughout the past decades, Minimum Support Price (MSP) has helped the Indian farmers to fight off the impacts of financial variances. The MSP has become a significant argument after the farmer's protests arrived at the public Capital.

While going through the Green Revolution, Indian policymakers understood that the farmers required motivations to develop food crops. Else, they won't pick crops, like wheat and paddy as they require extensive work and don't bring rewarding prices. Consequently, to boost the farmers and lift creation, the MSP was presented during the 1960s.

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