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Good News for Indian Seafood Exporters: Japan loosens import norms for Indian black tiger shrimps

In a big relief to the seafood exporters, who have been reeling under the impact of Covid-19, Japan has exempted import inspection for the Indian black tiger shrimps.

Chintu Das

Japan as a nation devours almost 40% of India's shipments. In a major alleviation to the fish and other seafood exporters, who have been reeling under the effect of Covid-19, Japan has absolved inspection for the imported Indian dark tiger shrimps. This was done after the recent exports were discovered thoroughly free from any buildup of furazolidone (Synthetic antibacterial drug). 

Japan is the second biggest importer of the Indian dark tiger shrimps after the United States of America. The agreement in such a manner was passed on to the Indian Embassy in Japan, MPEDA and Export Inspection Council of India by the Food Inspection and Safety Division of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW). 

The MHLW had before diminished import inspection recurrence for Black Tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) to 30% from 100% through a notice that was passed on March 25, 2020. Since there were no recognitions of furazolidone in the later transfers of cultivated Black Tiger shrimp from India, Japan chose to give total relaxation in inspection of the import sampling frequency. 

Endeavors from Mpeda: 

An expert team of two members had reviewed the Black Tiger shrimp incubation centers, ranches, and handling units that sent out the assortment during 2nd to 6th March in front of the initial request. 

KS Srinivas, Mpeda Chairman said it would help to build morale of the Indian fish and other seafood exporters who are combating different exchange and logistic related issues in the wake of pandemic that influenced the seafood markets worldwide. "Mpeda has been raising the solicitation to exclude Black Tiger from import review for anti-infection buildup at different platforms. The choice by Japanese specialists will additionally upgrade the cultivating and fare of Black Tiger assortment, particularly from West Bengal and Kerala," he added. 

Japan devours almost 40% of India's Black Tiger shrimp trades, while it enjoys specialty markets in the European Union and the United States. India traded around 17,990 tons of dark tiger shrimps esteemed at $161 million in 2019-20. Of this, trade to Japan remained at 5,092 tons and is worth $51 million. Trades to the US were 6,754 tons esteemed at $60 million. The nation's entire seafood exports remained at 12,89,651 tons esteemed at $6.68 billion in 2019-20. 

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