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Harisharan Devgan: Is Farming a Profitable Business or a Social Service?

Profitability and Scale! These words are associated with agriculture that puts a deep concern for the farmers for choosing farming as a business or just as a social service.

KJ Staff
Harisharaan Devgan
Harisharan Devgan

Profitability and Scale! These words are associated with agriculture that puts a deep concern for the farmers for choosing farming as a business or just as a social service. Despite a large number of people being engaged in Agriculture, still farmers spoke at large and loud about the unavailability of labour and irrigation facilities and other related bunch of agricultural activities.  

“Low Investment and Good Profits” is the vision of Mr. Harisharan Devgan which makes him see the potential and profitability in farming that had resulted in the formation of Niche Agriculture Limited, a purely organic farming company. Mr. Harisharan Devgan says, “Farming is never a loss proportion but it is made and shown as a loss proportion by the commission agents and middlemen”. 

He believes that Agriculture is being shown as a weak business due to monetary involvement of the voracious people in the matters of sale & purchase of lands that leads to corruption and frauds which plagued and neglected assurance of farmers for their incomes and livelihoods.  

On contrary to this, “Farming is a pure passion where you can consider yourself as a boss of your own created huge empire”, says Mr. Harisharan Devgan. He says if farming is done in a healthy and ethical way with all mathematical calculations, it can deliver huge profits. Being an organic farmer, he had always relied on the practices of farming that leads towards a sustainable and cleaner environment. Sad but true! that usage of excess of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, will help you to grab “big figures” in your pocket but deteriorate the soil fertility and damage the principles of organic farming and will also bring injustice to the consumers having unhealthy and adulterated food products.   

Mr. Harisharan Devgan believes that the government is tall on talk but majorly missing in actions. The policy-makers affect the supply chain and prices of agricultural product that restricts crop production and affect the pricing of crops. He emphasis on the fact that government policies are not always in the favour of farmers and farming is not a policy based business.  

Being an agripreneur and a visionary leader, Mr. Harisharan Devgan had always stood besides farmers community and believes facilities like subsidies, free electricity, providing farming equipment on low prices and loan on minimal interest and educating them will support their lifestyle and livelihood which can answer the billion-dollar question that whether farming is profitable or not.  

Hence, from “Farm to Folk”, Mr. Harisharan Devgan truly insights that Farming is clearly a business, money-making proportion and have a great scope in future if it is done with proper calculations following the ethics of cultivation. He says, producing food for people is a community service that requires no lesser skills than a doctor and as mentioned earlier, if done properly, farming is an enormously profitable business.  

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