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ICAR-CIBA Develops Seed Production Technology for Breeding Red Snapper Fish

ICAR-CIBA develops seed production technology for Red Snapper fish.

Shipra Singh
Red Snapper fish in freezer
Red Snapper fish in freezer

Brackishwater aquaculture receives a big boost for diversification, as ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA) develops seed production technology for breeding Red Snapper Fish, which is a high value fish. Scientific name of Red Snapper is Lutjanus argentemaculatus.

According to aquaculture experts, this development would solve the problem of having insufficient hatchery-produced quality seeds on a regular basis for breeding of Red Snapper. It would also open more opportunities for brackishwater aquaculture ventures in the country.

Red Snapper fish is in high demand due to its meat’s excellent taste and quality. Its cost usually hovers between Rs. 400 and Rs. 600 per kg.

About Red Snapper

Red Snapper is locally called Seppili in Tamil Nadu and Chembally in Kerala. The fish harbours tremendous potential for brackishwater aquaculture due to its easy adaptability to diverse culture conditions, quick growth rate, good appearance, and excellent meat quality.

The fish is one of the most popular ones among the white fish. In fact, it is fast becoming a synonym for white fish.

In terms of health benefits, Red Snapper fish is a high-protein, low-calorie fish with all nine essential amino acids. It is loaded with Vitamins D and E. It also has minerals like selenium and magnesium, plus is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. It has a moderately high mercury level, which may pose a health risk though.

Well, that is another matter altogether. However, if we see in terms of trade, Red Snapper is an ideal fish for diverse rearing systems such as cages, pens, and ponds.

This species of fish is happy with formulated feed and can easily grow at a marketable size of 300-500 grams in just six months. This makes it a favourite fish of farmers.

What CIBA director has to say

The Director of CIBA, KK Vijayan, said, “With this achievement, CIBA has introduced one more candidate species for brackishwater aquaculture diversification and sustainability.” He added, “Now, fish farmers have diversified options to choose their candidate species for aquaculture. This will help increase the domestic production through brackishwater aquaculture in the country.”

CIBA developed the first batch of fingerlings. These are already distributed to select fish farmers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Kailasan, who lead the research and development of the seed production technology for Red Snapper, said, “The farmers will grow the fingerlings at their respective farms and will return the selected brood stocks to CIBA on buy-back basis for further breeding in hatchery.”

(Source of quotes by the Director of CIBA and Kailasan: Business Line)

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