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IRRI and DA-BAR Launch D4AgPH to Boost Digital Agriculture in the Philippines

D4AgPH, an online platform that integrates digital agriculture tools to improve data-driven decision-making in the rice-based agri-food systems of the Philippines.

KJ Staff
IRRI and DA-BAR Launch D4AgPH to Boost Digital Agriculture in the Philippines (Photo Source: Canva)
IRRI and DA-BAR Launch D4AgPH to Boost Digital Agriculture in the Philippines (Photo Source: Canva)

The Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) have introduced D4AgPH, an online platform that consolidates various digital agriculture tools and services (DATS) currently in use, marking a significant step towards modernizing the agricultural sector in the Philippines. This innovative platform is designed to enhance data-driven decision-making within the country's rice-based agri-food systems.

D4AgPH developed from a comprehensive IRRI-led national assessment and inventory of existing DATS, aimed at mapping out the digital agriculture landscape in the Philippines. The insights collected from this assessment are intended to support the Department of Agriculture's broader digital transformation strategy. This strategic tool is crucial for sustainable agricultural development, ensuring that Filipino farmers have access to appropriate and advanced tools.

The platform has an intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive interface, offering a searchable database of DATS along with detailed information about each tool. It also features an interactive analytics facility that provides insights into the distribution of DATS across the agri-food value chain. Additionally, the platform includes a data entry facility, allowing innovators and developers to contribute their DATS, thus making D4AgPH a central hub for innovation and knowledge dissemination.

As of now, the D4AgPH database hosts 67 DATS categorized by various use cases. Analysis of the distribution of these tools reveals that 61% are specifically designed to address challenges and opportunities in crop production, while over 30% focus on production and inputs. Many of these tools have been developed and are maintained by government agencies such as PhilRice, the Bureau of Plant Industry, and other DA bodies.

Regarding the maturity of these tools, 50% are ready for further expansion, 19% are in the pilot stage, and 29% are ripe for commercialization. Mobile applications are the predominant medium through which these tools are accessed, reflecting the growing trend of mobile technology in agriculture.

IRRI's mapping of these tools against various scaling "ingredients" across ten fields highlights strengths in technology, user awareness, demand, financial mechanisms, and knowledge and skills. However, gaps remain, particularly in monitoring and evaluation processes, evidence generation, and establishing effective links between supply and demand. Strategic collaboration within and beyond the agricultural sector is also necessary to scale these innovations effectively.

The DA-BAR envisions that D4AgPH will become an invaluable resource for key decision-makers, local agriculture officers, and farmers, helping to leverage data from DATS to strengthen the country's digital agriculture community.

The development of the D4AgPH platform was funded by DA-BAR, underscoring their commitment to the digital transformation of Philippine agriculture.

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