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KVKs Asked to Encourage Natural Farming: Solid Documentaries to be Prepared By Centre

According to a central government circular, KVKs told to teach and inform farmers about natural farming. Farmers' success stories and case studies will need to be documented.

Shivani Meena
Natural Farming
Natural Farming

The Centre has directed Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) to encourage organic farming in all districts. It asked the KVKs in communication to set aside a designated section of cultivable land (minimum of 2 acres—one acre for demonstration of natural farming technologies and then another one acre for demonstration of organic farming technologies) for training farmers and other stakeholders. 

The Puzzle between organic and Natural Farming 

"Many of the farmers that contact us say that they practice natural farming. However, there is a distinction between organic and natural farming. Many people are doing things that are more organic than natural. Understanding the necessity and assuring that people depend less on harmful pesticides, we created and marketed many organic fertilizers to the people of Ernakulam. However, the central concept of natural farming is having a local breed of the cow on the farm "Shinoj Subramaniam, chairman of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Ernakulam,  said. 

No clear Understanding of Natural Farming 

There still is a great deal of misunderstanding regarding how to go about natural farming. Typically, the relevant information or documents would be prepared by a central government entity with all essential instructions. This serves as the base of the program. "We haven't been given any rules or procedures. No scientific or institutional documentation can help us figure out how to proceed. As a result, we are expecting further information or detailed documents on how this should be done "P Muralidharan, head of the KVK in Alappuzha, said. 

They've been ordered to write literature for distribution based on a book authored by Gujarat governor Acharya Dewrat, a prominent admirer and practitioner of natural farming. 

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