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Patented ‘Village Rice’ Exported to Ghana from the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu

APDEA helps in the export of patented village rice from India to Ghana.

Shipra Singh
Rice bags for export
Rice bags for export

As per a statement from APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority), a start-up named Udaya Agro Farm has sourced the unique and patented “village rice” from farmers directly in Thanjavur, which is called the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu, and exported to Ghana and Yemen through sea and air routes. Two consignments of 4.5 tonnes have been exported so far.  

APEDA had helped the start-up firm in this deed. These export orders grabbed by the start-up indicate a significant boost to the export potential of non-basmati rice of India.  

Feature of “village rice” 

The “village rice” is rare, as it features low Glycemic Index (GI). As a result, it does not cause a spike in blood sugar and then a sudden drop as the usual white rice does. The patented “village rice” slowly rises your blood sugar and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, so is great for diabetics.  

Apart from this, the rice differs from other usual rice in nutrition terms. This rice has high dietary fiber and protein, is gluten free, is a rich energy source, and helps to enhance glucose tolerance and gastrointestinal health, besides reducing blood cholesterol.  

The icing on the cake 

Export of “village rice” comes at a time when APEDA is assisting in the shipping of “red rice” to the United States from Assam earlier this year.  

This rice, too, is different from other white rice in the fact that it is rich in iron and grown with zero use of chemical fertilizers in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam. Red rice is an important component of Assamese cuisine, and is popularly called “Bao-dhaan.” 

In the beginning of May this year, a consignment of rice took off from Paradip International Cargo Terminal in Odisha. The consignment was for Vietnam. This was the first non-basmati rice consignment to have been exported from Paradip port.  

About APEDA’s export efforts 

APEDA is the nodal body for the export of agricultural and processed foods in India. APEDA works with various stakeholders like exporters, importers, farmers, and entrepreneurs across the world to give non-basmati rice exports of India a boost.  

The government has established Rice Export Promotion Forum (REPF) under the sponsorship of APEDA. Representations of REPF are present from APEDA, rice industry, exporters, agriculture directors, and ministry of commerce from important rice-producing states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Odisha, and West Bengal.  

In 2020-21 fiscal, export of non-basmati rice rose 146%, totalling Rs. 35,448 crores. It was just Rs. 14,400 crores in 2019-20 fiscal.  

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