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Price reduced by Rs. 50 per bag for NP fertilizer by IFFCO

This reduction in NP fertilizer, which contains nitrogen and superphosphate, is in line with the declining agriculture input cost to farmers.

Chintu Das

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Corporation (IFFCO) on 11th of November 2020, announced the decrease in the retail cost of its NP fertilizer, which contains nitrogen and superphosphate by INR 50 to INR 925 per sack of 50 kilo with immediate effect.

This decrease in the price of NP fertilizer, which contains nitrogen and superphosphate, is in accordance with the declining horticulture input cost to farmers and the Prime Minister's arrangement of multiplying the farmers pay by 2022, it said.

IFFCO will continue lessening costs any place feasible for farmers, it added.

"We are happy to declare the decrease of INR 50 per pack in the cost of #NP 20:20:0:13 fertilizers across India with immediate effect on all stocks," IFFCO Managing Director and CEO U S Awasthi tweeted.

The decrease by INR 1,000 a ton on sulfur, which is a key supplement for soil, is provided to support the farmers, he added.

A couple of months back, it had discounted costs of NPK and DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate) fertilizers.

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