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Projects Between India & Japan In Northeast India Will Primarily Focus on Agriculture & Education

Agriculture and education in skill development were mentioned at the second India-Japan Dialogue as areas of focus for India-Japan collaboration in the northeastern region.

Chintu Das
India-Japan Collaboration
India-Japan Collaboration

Agriculture and education in skill development were mentioned at the second India-Japan Dialogue as areas of focus for India-Japan partnership in the northeastern region. "Development of India's North Eastern Region and Neighbourhood" was the theme of the dialogue. 

Collaboration between India and Japan to Promote Entrepreneurship and People Connectivity". It was held last week and was organised by a major think tank from the Northeast Asian Confluence in partnership with the Japanese Embassy in India. 

"The comprehensive collaboration between India and Japan provides the landlocked north-east with access to the Bay of Bengal and access to ASEAN countries, which plays a key role in unleashing enormous potential for growth and prosperity based on better access to the Indian Ocean, becomes crucial for the improvement of people's lives," said Suzuki Satoshi, ambassador of Japan in India, in his inaugural address. 

In his introductory comments, M.P. Bezbaruah, former Member of the North Eastern Council and Chairman of the Governing Council of Asian Confluence, emphasised specific areas of collaboration. 

Smita Pant, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, highlighted all the activities happening in augmented services based on hard infrastructure connection initiatives that have already made headway in her special presentation. With its plentiful output and strategic position, NER has the potential to become a key participant in India's international commerce with its neighbours, notably in the agricultural sector, according to Pant. 

Market connections, cultivating qualified people resources, and guaranteeing security are all major elements in attracting Japanese companies to the region. 

Mr. Rajat Nag, a member of the Asian Confluence Governing Council and former Chairman of the Asian Development Bank, presided over a lively discussion. Specific product possibilities were considered, including buckwheat, bamboo, spices, shitake mushrooms, medicinal plants, skill development, language training courses, and collaboration with educational institutions. 

At the discussion, Kazuhide Sugimoto, a top mushroom producer, gave a presentation, as did K.N. Kumar, Chairman of the Meghalaya Farmers Commission, who spoke about special activities on Buckwheat in Meghalaya, and Mr. Kamesh Salam, who spoke about ongoing Bamboo projects. 

"The goal of this dialogue was to not only highlight and promote further narratives of cooperation, but also to matchmakers to forge concrete collaborations on specific products by connecting entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from Japan, India, and our Bangladeshi neighbours," said Sabyasachi Dutta, ED of Asian Confluence. 

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