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Puducherry Government Introduces new scheme offering Rs 10,000 per acre subsidy to Sugarcane Farmers

Puducherry: Nammazhvar Agriculture Rejuvenation Scheme launched by Agriculture Minister R Kamalakannan for the farmers growing sugarcane. Read the full article to get all the information about the scheme. This scheme is providing back-end subsidy to the farmers growing sugarcane and is launched by the Agriculture Minister of Puducherry.

Sangeeta Soni
Sugarcane Crop

Nammazhvar Agriculture Rejuvenation Scheme has been launched by Agriculture Minister R Kamalakannan for the farmers growing sugarcane. Read the full article to get all the information about the scheme. 

At this time, when some farmers are agitated with new farm laws brought in by the Central Government, the Puducherry Government has this new scheme for the farmers growing sugarcane, Nammazhvar Agriculture Rejuvenation Scheme. This scheme is providing back-end subsidy to the farmers growing sugarcane and is launched by the Agriculture Minister of Puducherry, R Kamalakannan, belonging to the Indian National Congress. 

What is the Scheme?

Under this scheme, Rs. 10,000 inducement is being provided to the farmers of Puducherry cultivating sugarcane. And it will be provided through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) at an expenditure of Rs. 1.70 Crore. 

One more thing added in the scheme is that, it will be a substitute for the provisions of saplings, fertilizers including zinc sulphate, gypsum, etc. by the government.

About the Scheme

Agriculture Minister said, “Sometimes there is a delay in providing these inputs and it affects cultivation, or sometimes misappropriation that affect the farmers.”

Puducherry Agro Service and Industries Corporation Limited (PASIC) that is used to provide inputs to the farmers is not in function. And, the government doesn’t feel any need to give hand-hold service to the farmers, as they are already well versed in the farming techniques. That is Why, the government is now providing back-end subsidy that will cover up to one fourth of the expenditure sustained in farming of sugarcanes. R Kamalakannan also added that the cost of cultivation is near to Rs. 40-50 Thousand per acre. 

How many Farmers will be Benefitted?

And it’s fully up to the farmers which variety of sugarcane they want to grow. In an all, total 839 farmers will be benefitted from the scheme this year. Out of them, 820 farmers are of general category, and are involved in the area of 1677.15 acres for which government has intended approximately 1.68 Crore rupees.  And for the other 19 farmers, those are scheduled caste, are cultivating sugarcane crop in 30.7 acres, and they will be provided 3.07 Lakh rupees. 

In addition, the Agriculture department is providing back-end subsidy for the cultivation of paddy, pulses, coconut, and some other crops. 

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