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SAU Calls for Arid Agriculture to Combat Food Insecurity in Sindh

Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) is concerned about the conversion of green land in Sindh province into colonies, which threatens agricultural land resources. Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor of SAU, has warned that this situation will cause food security issues.

Shivam Dwivedi
SAU Calls for Arid Agriculture to Combat Food Insecurity in Sindh
SAU Calls for Arid Agriculture to Combat Food Insecurity in Sindh

Dr. Marri stated at the Post-Conference Award Ceremony of the First International Conference on "Biodiversity of Arid Zone," hosted by Sub-Campus Umerkot at the University's Rest House Hall in Hyderabad, that arid areas account for 50% of the province's land resources, and that there is a need to begin arid agriculture.

Dr. Marri emphasised the importance of agriculture to the country's economy, prosperity, and progress. He added that more agricultural investment, innovation, and proper resource utilisation can assist the agriculture industry thrive and address all concerns.

According to Dr. Marri, current agricultural technology may be used to develop approximately half of the province's land resources in order to enhance desert agriculture.

Dr. Marri further emphasized that, despite great improvements in desert agriculture around the world, Pakistan still relies on canal agriculture.

However, climate change, calamities, water scarcity, floods, droughts, salt in subsurface water, and other issues have made meeting the aim of increasing output challenging. As a result, Pakistan must import certified seeds, edible oil, and a variety of food products.

Dr. Marri remarked that SAU will encourage arid agriculture through its Sub Campus Umerkot specialists. He also stated that SAU will conduct research on hydroponic agricultural production, livestock, organic agriculture, vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants with the help of various institutions and the private sector.

Dr. Marri expressed hope that this worldwide meeting would be a watershed moment in making farmers' and settlers' land resources more usable. He finished by adding that SAU strives to combat food insecurity, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and contribute to the country's overall growth through dry agriculture.

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