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Seedless Watermelon Varieties Developed By Kerala Agri University Becoming Popular

The University has shown the viability of seedless watermelon growing in a polyhouse built with State Horticulture Mission funds to popularize its commercial cultivation.

Chintu Das
Seedless Watermelon
Seedless Watermelon

The seedless watermelon varieties developed by Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) is so good that it will compel you to start watermelon farming. These varieties are slowly becoming popular amongst farmers. 

These hybrid cultivars, dubbed Shonima and Swarna, were cultivated in a freshly constructed polyhouse (10 cents) in Vellanikkara in Thrissur, using mulching, drip irrigation, and sowing seeds in raised beds covered with polythene mulch. The University has shown the viability of seedless watermelon growing in a polyhouse built with State Horticulture Mission funds to popularise its commercial cultivation. 

These unusual hybrids are suited for polyhouse and open precision farming, according to Pradeep Kumar T, Head, Department of Vegetable Science, KAU. With high density planting, a field demonstration was done under open precision farming. 

Cost of Production 

The cost of producing one acre of watermelons is projected to be Rs 50,000, with each fruit weighing 2.5 to 3 kg and yielding three to four watermelons per plant. The farm gate price is projected to be Rs 20, and a farmer may earn Rs 1.2 lakh in four months from an acre. 

The seed price is set at one rupee, and one kilogram contains 30,000 seeds. Seeds may be bought by email, and farmers from all over India are doing so as well. 

Seedless watermelon production, according to Kishorkumar N K, a farmer in Varandarappilly, Trichur, is a successful enterprise. He has posted a video on Facebook demonstrating the process of farming. 

Watermelon is the most lucrative vegetable crop, although it is only grown in a few areas of the country, including Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat.  

At the moment, none of these areas grow seedless watermelon. The lack of seeds and the need for pollenisers, according to Pradeepkumar, are limiting issues in popularising seedless watermelon production

Because it is a high-value vegetable that benefits from protected cultivation and precision farming, he believes that demonstrating production technology using fertigation, mulching, and scientific pruning will help popularise cultivation in commercial farms, high-tech vegetable growers, and export growers. 

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