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SIMA 2019 dedicates Space and Time for Start-ups and Innovation. Know What All You Can See!

In keeping with its theme of “Innovation for competitive agriculture”, SIMA scheduled to be held from 24-28 February 2019, Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, France) will be showcasing two spaces offering centre stage to 34 young companies and to innovation and new technology for the farming world. The first, located in hall 4, will be dedicated to Start-up Villages in partnership with La Ferme Digitale. The second, in hall 6, will be devoted to the Innovation Village.

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In keeping with its theme of “Innovation for competitive agriculture”, SIMA scheduled to be held from 24-28 February 2019, Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, France) will be showcasing two spaces offering centre stage to 34 young companies and to innovation and new technology for the farming world. The first, located in hall 4, will be dedicated to Start-up Villages in partnership with La Ferme Digitale. The second, in hall 6, will be devoted to the Innovation Village. 

Offering a welcoming atmosphere, the Start-up Villages aim to act as a springboard to help young companies emerge among the big market names. The following 34 start-ups waiting to be discovered- 

AgriCommunity is intended for professionals in the farming world. It enables geolocation and sharing of observations made on crop pests and diseases.  

Agriconomie is a platform where farmers can find a wide range of agricultural products: fertilisers, seeds, filters, etc. 

Agri-échange is an online non-cash platform for the exchange of agricultural machinery services between farmers.  

AgriSolution is a company that provides simple solutions to farmers. It is the inventor of Irricam, a camera that monitors farm irrigation at a glance. Connected by 3G to the farmer’s equipment, the camera delivers sound and pictures to enable the farmer to check on the progress of irrigation. This simple and effective solution uses the farmer’s smartphone as an interface. 

Airinov maps fields with unprecedented precision thanks to its drones. Like an X-ray or a scanner, the Airinov drone sees what the human eye cannot pick up, and enables farmers to monitor plants at key moments in their development.  

Api-agro is the leading platform for the exchange of French and European data in the farming sector. It organizes and coordinates information flows between agricultural stakeholders to enable them to securely develop innovative digital services dedicated to helping farming producers and subsectors improve their performance.  

Aptimiz boosts farm profitability and improves farmers’ day-to-day lives by giving precise information and control of their working hours. 

Captain Farmer (Agritel) is the essential tool to help farmers sell at the right time through an intuitive and personalised approach.  

Carbon Bee is the developer of a hyperspectral camera for farming drones, agricultural robots and cameras for tractors.  

ClicParcelle is an application that enables farmers to manage their work, yields, harvests and quality, and even their partners and costs. The site offers to sell farmers’ cereals, wheat, barley, maize, rapeseed, etc. on futures markets and buy their fertilizers at the best price.  

Ekylibre is an open-source management application for connected, sustainable farming.  

EnerBIOflex is an independent consultancy firm specializing in energy for the farming world. It supports farmers in their energy-related activities (optimization of energy supply contracts). Exotic System designs connected devices for vehicles, industry and agriculture: the goal is to help its customers to “grow connected”.  

FarmLEAP is a service platform for farmers wanting to improve their performance by sharing their knowledge and simplifying the management of their land.  

Farmviz works on ways to anticipate agricultural yields for farmers and cooperatives.  

Go4ioT supports small and medium-sized businesses without special skills in connected devices, helping to deploy solutions to optimise their operations and maintenance. It also offers KHIKO, a professional tracker to protect devices against theft in the agricultural and construction sector.  

HKTC Technologies designs, develops and markets machines capable of working wholly independently, with no human intervention during operation. Its expertise is based on guidance, automation, hydraulics, mechanical welding and data collection. It works both on its own behalf and as a developer for third party companies. 

Javelot is the first connected thermometry solution for grain storage.  

Ker’innov keeps vehicles under control. It helps to improve productivity and safety with My-optimo.com by having all the information about machinery close to hand on a smartphone, tablet or computer.  

Kintessia is an online platform which aggregates equipment available for agriculture, construction and transport. 

Lituus creates innovative solutions based on connected devices to offer decision aid tools to cattle breeders. The first product is a new-generation connected collar for dairy and beef cattle. 

LV Digital is a service company for the agricultural sector. It manages websites such as the online portals www.traktorpool.de/fr (second-hand agricultural equipment) and www.baupool.com/fr (buying and selling of construction equipment).  

MiiMOSA is the first crowd funding site for agriculture and food.  

MyEasyFarm makes precision farming easy: import and creation of recommendation maps, exchange of data with farm machinery, automation of documentation of tasks and analysis of crop treatment sequence data.  

Naïo Technologies specializes in agricultural robots and autonomous guidance.  

Perfarmer offers a tool to help farmers optimise their crop rotation, technical sequences, input buying, cereals marketing or mechanisation strategy. 

Piloter sa farme (Bipilote) develops tomorrow’s economic steering tools based on the increasing digitization of services, the mathematical power of algorithms and good old “farming common sense”.  

Precifield scans soil variability to tailor interventions locally and generate savings. The innovation concerns new interventions and crops: irrigation, plant health products, etc. in vineyards, open fields and horticulture. 

SAMSYS designs innovative, easy-to-use interfaces and digital tools for the management of agricultural equipment for cooperatives, contractors and farmers. 

Sencrop offers connected rain gauges and anemometers.  

Tip Tap Pro enables farmers to receive information relevant to their job (alerts and podcasts) while listening to their favourite radio station as they work. 

VotreMachine.com is the first agricultural machinery rental site created by farmers for farmers. Weather Measures focuses on precision meteorology and maximising the value of multi-source Meteorological data.  

Workshops In The Start-Up Villages  

Organised by La Ferme Digitale, an independent association aiming to promote innovation and digital technology for efficient, sustainable agriculture, the following workshops shall be held: 

SUNDAY 24 FEBRUARY 15:00 – 16:15 

Innovation as a creator of social cohesion: a new factor in economic and civic growth?  

MONDAY 25 FEBRUARY 15:00 – 16:15  

Digital inclusion, popularisation of tools: a new challenge for tomorrow’s agriculture! Is digital technology available to every farmer?  


Is data management the next challenge for European agricultural policies?  


To succeed, today’s farmers need to be agronomists, economists, communicators, managers, business leaders and so on. Do they also need to become Data Scientists?  

THURSDAY 28 FEBRUARY 11:30 - 14:00h  

Tweet-Apéro: An exclusive event for exchanging ideas with the influencers of the agricultural world that is innovative, connected... and positive.  

Innovation Village 

This area aims to be both forward-looking and in touch with the current needs of farmers and manufacturers. To illustrate the current main trends in agriculture, this village will host and group together in a single space:  

The SIMA Innovation Awards: thanks to innovative digital scenography, visitors and exhibitors will be able to discover or rediscover the winning products from a new perspective. The 2 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 20 Bronze medals in this 2019 vintage once again illustrate the underlying trends in the sector.

Profiles of innovative farmers (in partnership with Nuffield, AgrOnov and the French Chambers of Agriculture) highlighting initiatives and new practices developed by French and international professionals. Selected for their innovative nature but above all for their convincing results, these profiles are intended to inspire every visitor and exhibitor attending the show.

SIMA is above all about the men and women who contribute to its success. This year, SIMA will pay a daily tribute to them on its Instagram page @sima_worldwide using the hashtag #WEARESIMA. This is where to find profiles of the exhibitors, designers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, farmers, breeders, partners and journalists who help to make SIMA an event, not to be missed in the farming calendar.  

The Foresight Forum: what is the lifecycle and creative cycle of an innovation? From initial idea to product launch, through design, experimentation and testing, SIMA will invite visitors and exhibitors to get involved in creating an innovation, give their opinions, attend demonstrations and test out new practices. Partners contributing to this experiential forum include Agronov, INRA, Cetim etc. 

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