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Solar Pump Yojana Latest Update: Government is Offering Cheapest Loan to Farmers; Apply Here

The work of PM-Kusum Yojana has started in many states with full swing. Registration process is going on and the center has asked the farmers to register their names under Kusum Yojana.

Pronami Chetia

While the whole world is fighting a war against the global pandemic COVID-19, India is also trying its best to fight against it. Meanwhile,the enrolment of PM-Kusum Yojana has started in many states with full swing. Registration process is going on and the Center has asked the farmers to register their names soon to avail the benefits of Kusum Yojana.

Farmers of this state will get benefit under PM Kusum Yojana

Significantly, to reduce the cost of farming, solar pumps will be given to the farmers to eradicate the problem of water scarcity. Through PM Kusum Yojana, 5 HP capacity pumps will be provided to the farmers on subsidy. There are a total of 15 solar pumps to be provided in the first phase.

The purpose of PM Kusum Yojana

In areas, where the need for irrigation is high, farmers have to spend extra on diesel and electricity. In this case, the cost of yield increases. To reduce the cost of the crop, the central government started PM Kusum Yojana. Under this, farmers will be given Solar Pump. Farmers will be able to install solar energy based solar pumps on their land. Farmers can also earn by selling additional power in the grid. Through these pumps, irrigation can also be done in fields without diesel and electricity.

Subsidy on Solar Pump

If the price of solar pump in the market is around three lakh rupees, then the central and the state government will give 2 lakh subsidy, while the farmers will have to contribute Rs 94764. To get registered in the scheme, they have to first submit a bank draft. According to the agricultural officials, 15 solar pumps are to be provided for Jhansi. For this, farmers need to register in PM Kusum yojana although farmers have not been able to get the pumps yet.

Apply online to take advantage of PM-Kusum scheme

Farmers have to apply online for solar pump where they have to give the information about the land as well as the means of irrigation. Farmers will not be able to get the subsidy of electricity for irrigation by taking solar pump on subsidy. If the farmer has taken the grant, he will have to return it or get his electricity connection disconnected. They need to provide the information regarding their Aadhaar number and land of the farmers to the department of new Energy and the power company, so that no farmer can take advantage of both the schemes.

How to Apply to Get Subsidy on Solar Pump?

Farmers can apply directly by visiting the official website of Uttar Pradesh State Government. Farmers will have to apply online by clicking on the link https://upnedasolarrooftopportal.com/.

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