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Tamil Nadu Govt. Introduces School Breakfast Programme to Alleviate Hunger

According to several studies, providing breakfast in schools enhances students' academic performance and raises enrollment.

Shivam Dwivedi
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin

The Tamil Nadu government announced a breakfast programme for students in grades one through five in state-run primary schools on Thursday. The scheme is being implemented in 1,545 schools across the corporation, municipality, and villages in the first phase. The scheme was launched in Madurai on the occasion of former Chief Minister Anna's birthday.

"In the first phase, 1.16 lakh students will be provided breakfast," Stalin said on the occasion. "I assure everyone that the scheme will be expanded further. Nobody should think of this as a freebie; it is the government's responsibility to do so."

"No poor or underprivileged student should be forced to drop out of school due to a lack of food. Whatever economic crisis this government is facing, the scheme must continue. I implore all government officials to implement this scheme in the same way that you feed your children," he said. Stalin began the scheme today by having breakfast with students at Simmakkal Corporation Primary School.

He also served students food. "Despite the financial constraints, the first goal is to alleviate the hunger burden." "I am willing to make any sacrifice to end poverty in the Tamil community and alleviate children's hunger," he said.

In reference to similar programmes in other countries, Stalin stated that school breakfast programmes are implemented in several states throughout the United States (US Department of Agriculture). He stated that the breakfast programme was introduced in European countries, particularly France, three years ago. "Many studies have shown that providing breakfast in schools improves students' learning abilities and increases student attendance."

Analysts say demand for breakfast programmes has increased since COVID," the chief minister said. "I saw the students' delight as they ate their breakfast. Words cannot express how happy I was at the time. We are serving breakfast and lunch to you, dear students. We have fought for the right to an education. One asset that no one can take away from us is education," he added.

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