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This E-commerce Platform Offers 100% Organic Native Breed Products Sourced Directly from Farmers

Village Organica is a popular organic e-commerce platform that has come as a bright ray of hope for Indian farmers.

Shipra Singh
Founder of Village Organica Kanchan Kumar with a farmer
Founder of Village Organica Kanchan Kumar with a farmer

What happens when somebody with a cushy IT job gets an idea to do something different? Well, that’s when revolutionary platforms like Village Organica are born. Today, Village Organica is India’s most preferred organic e-commerce platform. It is the brainchild of Kanchan Kumar, an IT professional whose dream was to enable India’s millennials to live healthy and happy by providing them pest-free and natural food. 

While the market is filled with 90% to 95% organic products, this Bengaluru based startup is offering 100% organic native breed products sourced directly from the farmers. Village Organica at its ‘House of Village’ brings over 70 different organic products to its consumers. 

So, how did this happen?  

Here’s a glimpse of the journey of Kanchan Kumar from being an IT professional to becoming the founder of Village Organica… 

The birth of an idea 

Kanchan Kumar’s inquisitive nature made him ponder over the fact that people with healthy lifestyle too suffer serious health issues like cancer. Without wasting any time, he began researching to figure out the cause. He found out that the root cause of the majority of these illnesses was people’s diet. 

Something was very wrong with the diet of people living in today’s times.  

Two-year long quest to find the right sources 

While researching about the cause of diseases and problems in diet, Kanchan Kumar was enlightened with the vision of bringing farm-fresh, natural and pest-free food products to every household in Indian cities.  

It was then that he quit his cushy IT job and traveled the country for the next two years in quest of the best native breed organically-grown food products. 

His travel was not limited to procuring the best produce for his customers; it turned out to be an enlightening trip where he deeply studied the problems and prospects of organic farming.

Working closely with the farmers from across the nation, he could map the gaps that hindered the success of farmers involved in organic farming. 

From convincing to volunteering 

Realizing that his vision demanded two sided efforts, Kumar started to work towards supporting farmers involved in organic farming, be it financial assurances or upskilling them by  organizing  expert talks, etc. At the same time, he also ensured his customers got every product they desired.  

As a result, the House of Village that sourced products from 100 farmers initially has now grown to be a huge network of over 1000+ farmers in less than a year.  

Farmers from over 12 states across the country are able to take a deep breath of relief and even happily count money right within the comfort of their homes during the times of pandemic as Village Organica, which created a huge market for their produce, is also taking the responsibility of logistics from the farm to the consumer.  

Village Organica has now come to the level that Village Organica's costumer care numbers are swamped with calls from farmers around the country to make a proposal for association. 

But the journey has not ended. It continues, though it has taken a new turn dotted with achievements and even more dreams to conquer as the vision expands.  

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