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This New Method of Wheat Cultivation Guarantees High Yield and Good Profit

Rabi season has started & farmers are preparing to sow wheat, which is the main crop of Rabi season in their fields. For wheat cultivation, the first thing is about the preparation of the field, the variety of wheat, and the process of sowing. If improved varieties are selected to sown in Wheat Cultivation, then bumper production of the crop is certain.

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Method of sowing wheat by Sri Method
Method of sowing wheat by Sri Method

Rabi season has started & farmers are preparing to sow wheat, which is the main crop of Rabi season in their fields. For wheat cultivation, the first thing is about the preparation of the field, the variety of wheat, and the process of sowing. If improved varieties are selected to sown in Wheat Cultivation, then bumper production of the crop is certain. 

Through this article, we have brought you the correct information about some improved varieties of wheat for the farmers. By sowing these Wheat Varieties, the production can increase 2-3 times. Read on to know more about different varieties.

HI-8663 (HI-8663)

This variety gives high quality & yield. It can tolerate heat. Not only this, but the crop is ready for maturity in 120-130 days and the yield we get through this is 50-55 quintals.

Pusa Tejas

This is a new variety of wheat and it has been identified for Central India. This variety matures in 3 to 4 irrigations and gives around 55-75 quintal yield per hectare. This wheat can also be used to make food items such as pasta, noodles & macaroni along chapattis. It has nutrients such as protein, vitamin-A, iron & zinc. 

Pusa Ujala

A new variety of wheat, Pusa Ujala, has been developed for such peninsular areas where the irrigation facilities are limited. This variety matures in 1 to 2 irrigations & yields 30 to 44 quintals per hectare. Let us tell you that this variety of wheat contains a good amount of protein, iron & zinc.

J-W 3336 (J-W 3336)

This variety has been developed under the Nutrifarm scheme. Zinc is abundant in it & it prepares the crop in 2 to 3 irrigations. This means the crop is ready in 110 days & 50-60 quintal yield per hectare is obtained.

All these varieties of wheat can be sown by Sri Method. Along with this, good crop yield can also be obtained.  Now let us tell you about the sowing of wheat by Sri Method. 

Know why to sow wheat by Sri Method?

When wheat is sown in a square method, a sufficient distance is established between the row and the plants. Due to this proper growth & development of plants is good and as a result, healthy and strong earnings are formed in them and more yield is obtained.

When to sow by Sri Method?

On cultivation with this method, the cost of wheat cultivation becomes half as compared to the traditional method. Normally the wheat can be sown in the middle of November-December by Sri Method.

What is the Method of sowing wheat by Sri Method?

  • Plant the seeds in a row at a distance of 20 cm.

  • You can also take the help of a desi plow or thin spade for this.

  • With the help of this, make a 3 to 4 cm deep groove at a distance of 20 cm, as well as 20 cm in it.

  • Keep putting 2 seeds in one place at a distance.

  • After sowing, cover the seeds with light soil, and then the plants emerge in 2 to 3 days after sowing.

  • Keep a square (20 by 20 cm) distance between the rows so that the seed gives enough space for each plant.

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