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UPL Chairman: FALI to Assist Budding Entrepreneurs & Farmers to Shape the Future of Agriculture

In the FALI 8 Convention, FALI 8 Group 1 students presented 67 agribusiness schemes and 67 innovation models. Winners were chosen from both presentations. The top five FALI students were chosen from agribusiness schemes and agricultural innovation models.

Kritika Madhukar
The FALI project encourages new generation individuals to pursue farming as a career
The FALI project encourages new generation individuals to pursue farming as a career

Institutions such as FALI help to shape the future of agricultural research in India. FALI fosters the development of young farmers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. UPL, for example, will assist by providing scholarships, internships, and seed capital for their projects," said UPL Chairman Rajnikant Shroff.

"The FALI project encourages new generation individuals to pursue farming as a career." Agriculture R&D is beneficial to all industries. Everyone should contribute to efforts to reshape agriculture. 

"Agriculture in India will progress well if everyone in the family works hard in agriculture," Jain Irrigation Chairman Ashok Jain said here during a keynote address. At the conclusion ceremony, dignitaries presented the winning contestants with a medal, trophy, and FALI jacket.

The event was attended by UPL Chairman Rajnikant Shroff, Vice Chairman Sandra Shroff, Jain Irrigation Chairman Ashok Jain, FALI founder Nancy Berry, Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd Director Athang Jain, Godrej Agrovet's Ashish Dobhal, and UPL's Amol Kadam, among others. 

Ashok Jain, Chairman of Jain Irrigation, and other dignitaries went on a tour of agricultural innovation models displayed at Akash Dome in front of the Gurukul.

He said to FALI students, "I was very impressed with your agribusiness schemes and technology presentation." FALI students were dreaming big and creating implements that would benefit small landholder farmers. 

We know that the FALI project has sparked your interest in learning. Agriculture educators (Aes) have already instilled behavioral knowledge in you, and you have already taken risks to practice modern and sustainable agriculture. During his keynote address, Jain Irrigation Chairman Ashok Jain said, "I wish you all the best for having the courage to take risks."

The advice was provided by Athang Jain, Director of Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd. "Whatever you do, you should be the best at it, and you should always keep this in mind." 

I'll use my grandfather as an example. He had a vision, patience, and willingness to work hard. You must have visited the TC Department and seen the work there. "Bhavarlalji always placed more emphasis on quality, and all products should be of the highest quality," Athang Jain stated.

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