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Water Bodies in Madhya Pradesh will be Rehabilitated for Fishing and Chestnut Farming

They said that the Panchayat would restore the ponds, check dam and stop dams where fish farming and chestnut farming would be done.

Ayushi Raina
Chestnut in the basket
Chestnut in the basket

According to official sources, the Sehore district Panchayat has agreed to rehabilitate water bodies for fish farming and water chestnut cultivation in order to increase villagers' earnings.

They claimed that the Panchayat will repair the ponds, monitor dams, and halt dams used for fish and chestnut cultivation.

Those water bodies will be managed by self-help groups. There will be a total of 118 small ponds and check dams repaired. 

Pramod Tripathi, a project officer for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA), said the administration has been attempting to provide employment to job card holders by generating 100 man days.

According to Tripathi, the government is now attempting to encourage villages to create their own businesses in order to assist economically deprived employees.

“ Water is present in small water bodies such as ponds, check dams, and stop dams, but they are in ruins and require rapid restoration”, he said.

The water bodies that will be renovated for financial purposes have been determined, and work will begin shortly, according to Tripathi.

Harsh Singh, the district Panchayat's chief executive officer, said that under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act, various initiatives have been established to preserve water in rural regions.

As a result, he added, water is now accessible to irrigate barren land in rural regions. 

According to Singh, the district has found water bodies that can store water for eight months. He said, fish farming and chestnut cultivation would take place in certain bodies of water.

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