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WBC, Aibats Organizes Conference on Safe Buying & Selling of Cashew in Bhubaneswar

The World Business Club (WBC) and Aibats have jointly organized a conference regarding safe buying and selling of cashews from Africa on 28th of March at Grand Hotel Bhubaneswar.

KJ Staff

The World Business Club (WBC) and Aibats have jointly organized a conference regarding safe buying and selling of cashews from Africa on 28th of March at Grand Hotel Bhubaneswar

Features of the program: 

  • To find a credible representative who helps you buy raw materials like cashew from Africa at less price and safely.

  • To understand better all the process of the supply chain from Africa to India.

  • To understand cashew Export Company registration process in Africa.

  • To meet and talk directly with African exporter and freight forwarding company.

  • To sign spot contract for 2019 season.

WBC is an African based company and AIBATS is an Indian based export import company who can guarantee you the trade of cashews retaining its quality and secured investment.

World Business Club is a platform working as an international business intermediation based in Ivory Coast, West Africa. The conference on cashew showed many insights on how the African company had already profited many Indian and African traders.

"The amount of cashews processor in India is far less than what it can actually process and thus the cashew sector people depend on Africa to import cashew for quality processing ", said the General Director, WBC. He further said that WBC is a common platform that serves both Asians and Africans to do trade with each other rather than being dragged into ailments of a scammer. 

"Aibats has joined hands with WBC to get back the lost position of India as the best cashew producer and exporter in the world”, said Aibats Director Mr. Hariharinath Giri. 

The conference welcomed everyone associated with or involved in the cashew sector, may it be farmers, traders, processors or associates who wanted a foreign alliance to expand their business? The organizer, WBC also hosts a website that allows people to register their product with specifications which is then visible worldwide to traders ready to export cashews of the registered quality. 

Thus the business remains smooth and secure which on the other hand was quite burdensome and defrauding since the money exchange was imperceptible and thus the quality of export or import remained a question mark! 

By - Swati Panda, KJ Odisha

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