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World’s First ‘Nano Urea’ by IFFCO; Available in Liquid Form

IFFCO develops nano urea, which is liquid form of urea.

Shipra Singh
Dr U S Awasthi, MD, IFFCO Introducing world's 1st Nano Urea to farmers across the world in 50th AGM of IFFCO in New Delhi
Dr U S Awasthi, MD, IFFCO Introducing world's 1st Nano Urea to farmers across the world in 50th AGM of IFFCO in New Delhi

IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited), one of the largest cooperative societies of India, has developed “Nano Urea,” which is the first of its kind in the world. This indigenously developed fertilizer is in liquid form and promised to revolutionize the fertilizer scene for farmers in India.  

The cooperative has fixed a price of Rs. 240 for 500 ml bottle of nano urea. This is 10% cheaper than a bag of traditional urea.  

This liquid urea will be available through IFFCO’s cooperative sales and marketing channels and on its e-commerce platform www.iffcobazar.in.  

IFFCO introduced the product at its 50th annual general meeting, which was organized in online-offline mode. Production of this urea will start in June and the product will arrive in the market soon after.  

Statement by IFFCO 

"IFFCO Nano Urea Liquid is easy on the pocket of farmers and will be effective in increasing farmers' income. A 500 ml bottle of Nano Urea will replace at least one bag of conventional urea. Hence, it will reduce the input cost to farmers." 

Nano urea infographic
Nano urea infographic

Benefits of nano urea 

IFFCO claims that nano urea is a sustainable solution for nutrition of crops. It will encourage balanced soil nutrition by cutting off the excessive use of traditional urea and making plants healthier, stronger, and safeguarding them from the effect of lodging.  

Nano urea is a great alternative to traditional urea. It can cut down urea requirement by a whopping 50%.  

A 500 ml bottle of nano urea features 40,000 ppm (parts per million) of Nitrogen. This is equivalent to the nitrogen provided by one whole bag of traditional urea.  

Also, this new urea comes packed in bottle. This will cut down logistics and warehousing cost dramatically.  

This is not all. Nano urea promises to decrease pollution of soil, water, and air, at the same time, address the issue of global warming.  

As per IFFCO’s statement, this liquid urea is included in the Fertilizer Control Order of the government after field trials were done on 43 crops under National Agriculture Research System (NARS), 20 research institutes of the ICAR, KVKs (Krishi Vigyan Kendras), and state agriculture universities. 

Test results  

IFFCO tested the efficacy of nano urea by conducting 11,000 field trials on over 94 crops throughout India. Results revealed an average 8% increase in yield of crops.  

Nano urea is an indigenous product developed through proprietary technology at the Nano Biotechnology Research Center (NBRC) of IFFCO, located in Kalol, Gujarat.  

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