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Zubeen Garg, brand ambassador of Agriculture & Allied sector of Assam

Star Power! Popular Singer-Director Zubeen Garg to lure the youth of Assam to agriculture and allied sector.

Kanika Dhamija

Popular singer Zubeen Garg will be working as a brand ambassador of Assam’s agriculture sector to attract the young generation to take up agriculture as a profession. Following an offer from State Agriculture Minister Atul Bora, the singer accepted to be the Brand Ambassador of Agriculture and Allied sector of the state.

“After discussing with the chief minister, we have offered a proposal to Zubeen Garg to become the brand ambassador of the agriculture sector. People like him can motivate the young generation,” said Minister Atul Bora. Garg, his wife and a few of their colleagues, attended the meeting with Bora at the latter's official residence.

The singer-director also discussed a project prepared by him, his wife and their friends, which aims to strengthen the agriculture sector of Assam. The inclusive dream project of has dairy, fishery, Agriculture etc. under it. Garg pitched the idea of bringing a green revolution in the State by luring the youths, especially those who have returned to the State due to COVID-induced lockdown. One of the primary aims of the project, according to them, is ensuring remunerative prices of produces to the farmers by removing middlemen from the equation. This, according to them, can be done by removing communication bottlenecks in the transportation of farmers' produces to the market.

The proposal is in sync with the agriculture department's new motto – "potharoaamaar, bojaaroaamaar" (both the field and the market are ours), according to the Minister. “We've laid more importance on Agriculture and allied sector. The youths who've returned to the State during the COVID outbreak have to be rehabilitated in the agriculture and allied sector,” the Minister asserted, and thus offered Garg to lure the youths of the state to the sector, playing the role of the brand ambassador.

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