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Best Vegetables to Grow in Summer Season

This article lists and explains the best vegetables to grow in summers including vegetables such as beetroot, lady finger, lettuce, basil, pumpkin and green chilies.

Binita Kumari
Summer Vegetables
Summer Vegetables

Summer is the perfect time to grow a variety of different vegetables. Fruiting vegetables come alive and thrive in the increasing soil temperature and the intense sun. Here’s a list of vegetables you can grow in your backyard or kitchen garden in the summers. 


Basil thrives in full sun and requires to be planted in a spot where it can get at least 6-8 hours of daily sunshine. It grows best in well-dried soil with a pH level of 6-7.5. 


Beetroot is conditioned to grow in cold temperatures which makes it an excellent vegetable to grow in late March or summer. As long as the daytime temperature doesn’t exceed 24 degrees Celsius, you can grow beetroot continuously during the summer. For beetroot to thrive, the soil should be well-drained and fertile, although it can also tolerate below-average soil fertility. The soil should also be free of rocks and other obstacles for the root to grow properly.  Slightly alkaline soil is tolerable for the beetroot to grow but a soil pH of 6-7 is preferred. 


Add organic matter 2 inches deep in the soil to improve the soil texture before planting cucumber seeds. Next, sow the seeds I inch deep in the soil in a row and make sure the seeds are sown 6-10 inches apart. Water the sown seed immediately after that and then water it regularly. 

Lady Finger 

Soak the seeds in warm water overnight to speed up the germination process before planting them. Plant the ladyfinger seeds 1-2 inches deep in the soil. Ensure that the seeds are sown 1 to 2 feet apart from each other so that they have plenty of room to grow. Ladyfinger plants grow tall so make sure the rows are 3 to 4 feet apart. 


Pumpkins are sensitive to cold temperatures so make sure the temperature is right for sowing. The seeds are sown directly into the soil in pitcher mounds. These mounds will heat the ground and make the perfect condition for the seeds to germinate quickly. The seeds should be planted 1 inch deep in the soil. Make sure the mounds are spaced 4-8 feet apart from each other. 

Green chilies 

Green chilies seeds are sown half an inch deep and 18-24 inches below the soil to grow. Make sure to sow the seeds in rows with 24- 26 inches of space between each seed. For a successful sprout, plant two more light seeds in each pot. 


For lettuce to grow, the maximum soil temperature is 15-26 degrees Celsius. Other than that, lettuce is the easiest to grow as you can grow them all summer long with little preparation and little knowledge about planting it. 

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