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Gardening: Things To Do In Your Garden In April

Learn all about the tasks you should be finishing in April for healthy and bautiful yield!

Binita Kumari
Spring Garden
Spring Garden

Halfway through March, you begin to feel the thrill of working in the garden, and by the beginning of April, the gardening season is in full swing, and your mood is set for the summer. It's important to do some April gardening tasks if you want to enjoy your garden throughout the season. Continue reading 

Clean Your Garden

Branches, dead leaves, and trash accumulate in the fall and winter. Clear any rubbish from your garden, grass, and flower borders so you can be ready for planting season.

This early spring, you may also want to get rid of old herbaceous perennials and deciduous grass growth. This is also the time to weed your garden extensively.

You can begin excavating and prepping your garden for planting once you've removed all weeds, winter mulches, and debris. Assuming the dirt isn't too damp and hard to work with.

Edge Your Lawn

You'll need to do some edging after cleaning up your garden and performing your initial grass maintenance. This makes it easy to separate the flower beds, the lawn, and the garden.

Edging serves as a barrier between the soil, mulch, and pebbles, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

Prep the Soil

If available, feed your soil with compost or well-rotted manure after clearing the debris.

This will increase insect activity while also feeding beneficial microbes in the soil. Nutrients replenish the soil, making it richer in the minerals and vital ingredients that your plants require to thrive.

Apply a slow-release fertilizer if you don't have compost or manure. Just keep in mind that standard synthetic lawn fertilizers should not be used in your yard.

Remove Garden Pests

Snails, slugs, and aphids spend the winter hiding and hibernating in the tops of perennial plants.

During the spring and summer, these garden beetles emerge in the warm weather to wreak havoc on your plants.

White vine weevil larvae may also be seen in your compost heap if you look closely. These larvae would feed on your plants' roots. Make sure your plants are free of vine weevils as well.

Time to Plant

There are a variety of warm-season veggies that you could sow in April for a summer harvest.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, beans, eggplants, cantaloupe, peppers, and melons are just a few of these crops.

Plant cool-season vegetables like radish, carrots, peas, and lettuce as well.

It's also a good time to start planting your favorite annual herbs. 

Take Care of Your Shrubs and Trees

Remove any dead or sickly-looking leaves or branches from your trees and deciduous plants. This encourages fresh plant development and blossoming in the spring.

Make sure your trees and bushes are fertilized and mulched.

Rather than laying organic mulch on the trunk, apply it in a circle around the plant. This will not only provide the plants with the nutrients they require for optimal growth, but will also help to preserve moisture and foster the development of strong, drought-resistant roots.

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