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House Plants That Are Heavy On Pockets: Why They Are So Expensive?

Indoor plants have now become an integral part of our home décor. With the number of enthusiasts increasing and decreasing capacity of grower’s supply to keep up with the new demand is the reason behind their high value.

Dimple Gupta
Expensive House Plants
Expensive House Plants

Indoor plants have now become an integral part of our home décor. With the number of enthusiasts increasing and decreasing capacity of grower’s supply to keep up with the new demand is the reason behind their high value. 

Some of the trending houseplants are   

Variegated Monstera Varieties: They are well known as status symbols among plant collectors. The most expensive one ever sold was an Adansonii Variegata for $38,000.  

Variegated Mini Monstera: In New Zealand, a yellow variegated version with four leaves was bought for $8000. This record was beaten by a white variegated Raphidophora Tetrasperma with 9 leaves which was sold for $27,000. Normally, a fully green mini Monstera usually costs between $5 - $15depending on their location and demand. 

An 800 year old Bonsai Tree: Bonsai trees such as this one are prized for their age, history, trunk size and shape. In Japan, this miniature pine tree was sold for $1.3 million at the International Bonsai Convention.

A Human-made Orchid: This is the most expensive flower ever sold. In 2005, it was auctioned for $224,000. The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid took 8 years for scientists to develop it in a university lab. It blooms every 5 years.   

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Large Monstera Obliqua: it is often described as “more hole than leaf” because of its delicate leaves which makes these plants difficult to care for. It was bided for $23,000. 

Alocasia Azlanii Recently, they have become more popular and their price ranges $100 to $700, which is depended upon their size. Native to Borneo, they are also called the “red bamboo”. Leaves appear dark green to almost black, and have shimmery veins that can appear red, purple or even hot pink.  

Philodendron TortumThis medium sized Tortum is typically available for around $400 both online and at a plant store. They need larger space to spread out their leaves as they grow quickly and also require high humidity for that. 

Monstera EsqueletoThey cost about $500 at most rare plant shops and also online. Because of its beautiful leaves which resembles a larger version of the much more common monstera Adansonii. Its leaves can be nearly 3-feet long when it is fully grown 

Anthurium CrystalliumThis one is a favorite among plant collectors, with its dark, velvety leaves and shimmery white veins. This plant is out of the average customer’s budget. Depending on the location, it is sold for $100 to $200. But in comparison to other rare plants, this one is still on the lower end of the price range. Its new leaves come in orange color and they slowly turn into green color creating an amazing contrast with the rest of the plant. 

Philodendron Pink Princess: Just like any other philodendron, it can be easily taken care of. It has dark green to black leaves with hot pink variegation in them. Its 2-5 leaves sell for $100 to $300, and large plant with good variegation can go for $1000 or more. 

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