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How to Grow Tomatoes from Seeds at Home: Short Guide

Tomatoes are a very important ingredient in almost all Indian recipes. Read this article to learn how to grow tomatoes on your own at home.

Sugandh Bhatnagar

Tomatoes are a very important ingredient in almost all Indian recipes. The sweet tanginess of these fruits (or vegetables) compliment the Indian dishes in just the perfect way. The food would taste even better when you grow it on your own! Read this article to learn how to grow tomatoes on your own at home.

What variety of tomatoes to grow at home?

  • The thick walled tomatoes are more popular because there is more flesh content and less seeds content. These tomatoes are preferred by chefs and cooks because of the flavor that they bring to the dishes.

  • Cherry tomatoes are extremely flavourful often eaten raw in salads, pasta and pizzas. While both the varieties are very nutritious; rich in vitamin A, C, iron, and lycopene making them an ideal ingredient for a healthy diet that boosts immunity against cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

You can buy the seeds of tomatoes online or even segregate from the regular tomatoes you have in your kitchen.

How to segregate the seeds from tomato pulp?

  • Cut the tomatoes in to 2 halves and scoop out the tomato pulp along with the seeds into a plastic container and leave it undisturbed, away from direct sunlight for 2-3 days. A layer of mold will develop on the seeds. This process is important to destroy many seed borne diseases that could affect the next generation of plants.

  • Stir the container once daily until a layer of mold forms on the surface. Once this layer forms on the surface, collect the seeds wearing gloves & scoop off the mold layer to prevent them from growing in the container itself. The seeds would have sunk to the bottom. Wash the seeds thoroughly with water by the help of a strainer.

  • Spread the seeds in a plate and let them dry for several days. Once they dry, you can put them in a sealed plastic bag until you are ready to plant them and place this packet in a cool and dry place.

How to prepare the starting mix for your seeds?

  • To sow your seeds you can either use potting soil or a soil less starting mix.

  • Caution your soil mix should be sterile! Regular garden soil that has not been sterilized could hamper the health of your young plants, making them susceptible to harmful pathogens. You can easily get sterile soil mix from a nearby nursery.

How to plant the Tomato seeds?

  • You will need to sow your seeds indoors to improve the production chances. Thoroughly moisten your seed starting mix then fill the containers or pots up, leaving half inch from above. Place 2-3 seeds in each container. Cover the seeds with soil and gently firm it over the seeds.

  • Water your container but be careful! Don’t over water them. You can use a plant mister or just dribble a stream of water over the top.

  • Place the pots in a warm spot. Seeds don’t require sunlight at this stage.

  • Check pots daily. As soon as you see sprouts, place the pots in a sunny window or under grow lights, keeping the lights an inch or two above the plants.

 How to Transplant you tomato seedlings?

  • Your tomato plants need to be transplanted into larger pots once they reach 6 inches height and about 6-8 weeks after sowing. Do not allow the plant to get pot bound, with the roots filling the container or growth may be stunted.

  • For transplanting you will need large clean pots. Mix well drained type soil and compost. Pinch off the lowest branches.

  • Gently loosen up the root area of the young plant and Lift them with a little support at the roots. Do not pull the plants off the stems.

  • Place the seedling in the new container and fill it with soil. For the plants to grow stronger tomato plants and bigger tomatoes bury 2/3rd of the plant inside the soil while transplanting.

  • Water the seedlings after transplanting and let them settle well. Keep watering them every 2 to 3 days to keep the top layer of the soil moist.

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