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How to Grow Watermelons in Containers Read Here!

Read this step by step guide to cultivating watermelon in a container and harvest a highly profitable yield!

Binita Kumari
Watermelons in containers
Watermelons in containers

Watermelons can be grown in containers if you have a small garden. Container watermelons are just as enjoyable and delicious, whether they grow on a balcony garden or if you are simply looking for a better way to use the limited space you have. It only takes a little time to understand how to produce watermelon in containers properly.

Growing watermelons in pots successfully begin before you even plant your watermelon seed. You'll need to pick a pot that's big enough for your container of watermelon to grow in.

Because watermelons develop quickly and require a lot of water, it's best to use a 5-gallon (19 kilograms) or larger container. Make sure the container you're using to cultivate watermelons has plenty of drainage holes.

Fill the watermelon container halfway with potting soil or a soilless mixture. Garden dirt should not be used. This will condense quickly in the container, making it difficult to cultivate watermelons in containers.

The next step is to select a watermelon variety that will thrive in pots. When growing watermelon in a pot, choose a smaller variety that produces little fruit.

Place the seed into the soil once you've chosen the container. Plant the seed three times as deep as it is long.

Water the seed thoroughly. A seedling that has been started indoors can also be transplanted into the soil.

Plant care for growing watermelons in a container:

After you've finished planting your watermelon in pots, you'll need to give it some support. The majority of people who cultivate watermelons in containers do so due to a lack of space.

Even watermelons grown in pots can take up a lot of room if they aren't supported in some way. A trellis or a teepee can be used to provide support for your watermelon. Train the vine to climb the support as it develops.

You may not have enough pollinators to pollinate your watermelons if you are growing them in containers in an urban location or on a high balcony.

However, you can pollinate them by hand. You'll need to offer additional support for the watermelon fruit as it appears on your container watermelon.

To make a hammock under the fruit, use an elastic, flexible material like a pantyhose or a t-shirt. Tie each end of the hammock to the main support of the watermelon.

The hammock will expand to accommodate the size of the watermelon fruit as it matures.

In temperatures below 27 degrees Celsius, your container watermelon will need to be watered once a day, and twice a day in temperatures above this. Once a week, apply a water-based fertilizer, and once a month, use a granulated slow-release fertilizer.

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