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Know Everything about the 'King of Bamboo Cultivation'

Bamboo and Assam are intertwined to each other majorly because of its presence in every household. Assam accounts for more than 50 types of bamboo species. Bamboo is used in the most basic form as well as in the form of artifacts. Bamboo industry being underutilized, Assam government is trying every possible way to improve the overall condition of the industry in the state.

Chintu Das

Amazing fact to start with is that Bamboo is the one and only plant that grows faster than any other plant on Earth. The largest producer of Bamboo in the entire country is Assam. The forests are filled with bamboo and more than 50 kinds of bamboo are found in Assam. The Northeastern region of India accounts for more than 60 % of the total production value of the country.

Places of bamboo plantation in Assam:

Bamboo can be found all over the state of Assam, however few districts among others has the major concentration of bamboo namely, North Cachar Hills, Cacher, Karbi Anglong, Nagaon and Lakhimpur. One does not have to go to forests to find the plant but rather can be seen in most of the households in the state.

Types of bamboos in Assam:

Assam has more than 50 types of bamboo available in the state. Few of the famous ones include Bambusa balcooa (Bhaluka), Bambusa tulda (Jati) and Dendrocalamus hamiltonii (Koko) among the rest. All together, India has a total of nearly 90 types of Bamboo available in the country, out of which more than half of the species are found in Assam. Bamboo and rattan products are mostly used in the households and cottage industries.

Bamboo is part of life in Assam:

People of Assam have an inseparable relationship with Bamboo because of its culture and the everlasting Bamboo industry. Bamboo acts as a way of livelihood for many families of Assam. The people of Assam have learnt adequate knowledge and developed expertise while working with Bamboo for ages. Working with bamboo is one of the most basic craft followed by the craftsman from Assam. Bamboo products are used in almost each and every household of Assam in one form or the other. Few of the many household products include houses made of bamboo, baskets, ladders, hand-fans, mats etc. None of the items need to be made in the factory rather can be hand crafted.

Over the years, few of the small scale industries started manufacturing factory made bamboo items such as toys, musical equipment etc. The bamboo craft industry of Assam does not have a prominent impact on the country’s overall craft market. Besides being the biggest producer of Bamboo in India, Assam has negligible impact in the export trade of India.

Recent developments in technology and introduction of social media have made an impact on the people of Assam and made them realize the true potential of Bamboo. Nowadays, bamboo is seen as a source of value creation and employment. The Bamboo policy of the state emphasizes on more bamboo cultivation and diversification of the products and applications derived from bamboo. In doing so, the economy of the state will stabilize and will ensure better employment opportunities for the young generations to come in the future.


Government and Bamboo:

The Assam’s government is trying to promote the bamboo industry of the state in an extensive way. A multidisciplinary approach is followed to provide financial help and leverage to the people of Assam.

The Assam government has recently approved the “Assam Bamboo and Cane Policy. The policy intends to develop a sustainable plan for the utilization of bamboo and cane reserves in the state. The government tends to achieve the same through scientific administration and cooperation of the share owners.

The policy will help in conserving forest and non-forest areas. Also will provide incentives to various industries related to bamboo. The skill development will also be given special consideration and direct relationships will be established between the company men and craftsmen.

Bamboo will remain an integral part of Assam and necessary changes in the policies surrounding bamboo can take the state to its new heights in the coming future.

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