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Moong Cultivation: A Complete Guide

In this article, we have discusssed the package of practices involved in cultivation of moong and its types.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Moong (Green Gram)
Moong (Green Gram)

Cultivation of Moong or Green Gram is very popular in India. It is also one of the major pulse crops of India. But even today the farmers of the country are not able to get quality seeds to do profitable cultivation of moong. Shakti Vardhak Hybrid Seeds Private Limited is one company that provides quality products that fulfill the farmer’s need. So let's discuss the package of practices involved in cultivation of moong and its types.

How to cultivate Moong?

Land and field preparation

For the cultivation of moong, light loamy soil with good drainage is suitable.2-3 Ploughings are recommended. Add 200 kg gypsum per acre of land at the time of tillage.

Seed rate

For sowing of bold grained moong: 10 kg per acre in Zaid & 6-8 kg per acre in Kharif. 

For sowing small grain moong, 5-7 kg per acre in Zayed & 4-5 kg per acre in Kharif.

Sowing method

For summer sowing

Rainy season sowing

Line to Line distance-20-25 cms

Line to Line distance- is 30-45 cm

Plant to plant distance-7 cm

Plant to plant distance- 10 cm

Improved varieties of moong

  • Virat Gold (bold seed)

  • Virat (bold seed)

  • SVM-55 (small/medium seed)

  • SVM-66 (small/medium seed)

  • SVM-88 (small/medium seed)

  • SVM-98 (small/medium seed)

  • Virat Super (small/medium seed)

Weed Control

For weed control, one weeding must be done 20-25 days after sowing. For weed control by chemicals, spray Pendimethalin 700 ml/acre in 200 liters of water immediately after sowing.

Fertilizer Requirement

7-8 Kg of Nitrogen i.e 18 Kg of Urea should be provided along with 6 Kg of Phosphorous as initial dose in the field. Addition of Sulfur granules 8 percent per acre increases the growth of moong grain.


If there is no rain for a long time at the time of growth, then irrigation is necessary for good production of the crop.

Pest management: This crop is susceptible to hairy larva, leaf borer (pod beetle), and whitefly. Spray any one of the following insecticides for the prevention of green oil and white fly. Also use the following medicines for viral disease (yellow mosaic):

400 ml Malathion 50 BC or 250 ml Rogor 30 BC or 250 ml Metasystax 25 EC mixed with 250 liters of water and spray it per acre at an interval of 2-3 weeks.

For the control of caterpillars, 250 ml of Monocrotophos 56 sl or 200 ml. Dichlorvas 76 BC or 500 ml Quinalphos 25 BC mixed in 250 liters of water per acre should be sprinkled in the field.

Moong (Green Gram) Diseases:

Leaf spot disease:

Symptoms: Spots that are grayish or brown in color and reddish purple at the ends appear on leaves, stems and pods. For their control, spray 600-890 gm Blitox 30 in 200 liters of water per acre and spray it.

Bacterial disease of leaves

They are visible from small watery dots under the surface of the leaves. Due to which the surrounding fibers get melted. Spray the crop with copper oxychloride 600-800 grams per acre by dissolving it in 200 liters of water.

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