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Opium Cultivation: Know How to Get A License to Cultivate Opium

Here is all the information about, how to get licensed for opium cultivation and what are the requirements and, what is the opium cultivation policy of 2020-21 decided by the central government.

Sangeeta Soni

In India, Opium is mainly grown in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and not in any other state of India. In Madhya Pradesh, it is grown in Ratlammandsaur, and Neemuch districts. Moreover, poppy cultivation is done legally in India. Opium can be cultivated only by farmers who have license, other farmers are not allowed to grow it.  

So, let us know how to apply for the license for Opium cultivation- 

What is Opium or Poppy? 

Opium is considered as a popular intoxicant for the common people. People generally consider it as the source of heroin. But along with this, opium is used in our country for legitimate drug trade. Morphine, Latex, Codeine, and Pananthrin derived from opium seeds are the sources of powerful alkaloids. Many chemical elements are found in opium seeds.  

About Opium Plant 

The poppy plant is usually 3-4 feet tall, with green fibers and smooth spores. Opium leaves are long, stalkless and somewhat like jiggery leaves. At the same time, its flowers are white and blue and, bowl shaped, and the colour of opium is black. Its taste is very bitter.  In English, it is called opium and poopy, in Hindi, it is called afeem, in Sanskrit it is called afihen, and in Marathi, it is called aafu

How to Get License for Opium Cultivation? 

The Central Narcotics Department completes the licensing process, and also purchase the opium yield. Earlier, many efforts were made to grow poppy in other states of India, but not successful because of unfavourable weather conditions. Therefore, the licenses of farmers of those states were revoked. And, as mentioned earlier, presently, it is grown only in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan states.  

This license is given only to those farmers who are already growing opium following government regulations. And, as per the parameters decided by the government, production and quality should be given. License is given to the eligible farmers for one year, and new license is issued again after a year.  

Government gives license as per the opium policy. No application needed to be submitted for this license, rather the license is given on the basis of already existing records.  

What is the Opium Policy for the Year 2020-21? 

The Central Government has released the opium policy for the year 2020-21. Under which, opium leases have been issued to farmers in the opium fields.  

And, at the same time, government has also given some gifts to the farmers who grow poppy. This year, the standard of minimum morphine required for poppy cultivation has been kept at 4.2 kg per hectare.  

One more thing to mention is that, last year 39 thousand farmers of the country had cultivated opium.  

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Happy Farming…!! 

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