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PAU Issues Guidelines for Farmers as Weather will Remain Unfavorable

PAU Scientists have issued few crop advisory guidelines for various crops that can help farmers tide over unfavorable conditions.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Farmers must spray recommended dose of weedicide for effective control of Phalaris minor in wheat
Farmers must spray recommended dose of weedicide for effective control of Phalaris minor in wheat

It is expected that the weather will remain cold in Punjab with the possibility of fog in the morning hours for a few more days. In such a situation, scientists of Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) advised the farmers to use only recommended dose of weedicide for effective control of Phalaris minor in wheat crop, spray the crop with manganese sulphate.  

If symptoms of sulphur deficiency are observed, apply one quintal gypsum/acre using broadcast method followed by a little irrigation, or if the soil is moist enough, mix this in by hoeing. 

Mulching may be done for vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach, fenugreek, coriander, radish, turnip, pea, tomato, brinjal, chilli, and capsicum. It also cuts down on heat loss from the surface. During these days, farmers should examine the potato crop on a regular basis and weed away virus-affected potato plants from the seed crop.

Planting of peach and plum must be completed as soon as possible, and planting of pear, grapes, fig, and other fruits can begin. All main fruit trees, save guava and ber, can benefit from the use of well-rotten farm yard manure or other organic manures, and it's an excellent time for pruning in citrus orchards after fruit harvesting. Pruning is also possible with pear, grape, and fig trees. 

Animal husbandry guidelines 

Clean drinking water is very important for the animals. It helps in maintaining the body temperature, body fluids like blood, milk production (milk has 85 % water and excretion of waste products from body (dung has 85 per cent water and urine has 92 per cent water). 

After three months of artificial insemination, animals should be tested for pregnancy. 

Green, germinated, filthy, or damaged potatoes should not be offered to dairy cows since they are harmful to their health. 

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