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Strawberry Cultivation in India: Arid Area ‘Miracle’

India is seeing a spurt in the cultivation of strawberries in places that are otherwise unsuitable for this fruit farming.

Shipra Singh
Strawberries in abundance
Strawberries in abundance

Strawberry is a temperate crop. That is why you find strawberries mostly in the hill stations of India. However, nowadays, strawberries seem to be available almost everywhere in India. It seems to have become an indigenous fruit, which actually it is not.  

India is enjoying an astounding success of strawberry cultivation lately.  

The recent Mann Ki Baat by Honorable Prime Ministers Narendra Modi features a lot of talk about the commendable cultivation of strawberries in various parts of India. These are places that are actually not suitable for strawberry cultivation and you may have hardly seen strawberry crops here. But, today, you can find successful strawberry farming in these places.  

Famous strawberry-growing place Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) features an advanced pre-cooling unit to increase shelf life of strawberries 

The PM in his Mann ki Baat cites the following examples, which are no less than ‘miracles’ in strawberry cultivation.  

‘Miracle’ Areas of Strawberry Cultivation  

Strawberry in Jhansi  

Gurleen Kaur of Jhansi grows this luscious fruit crop in the arid area of Bundelkhand. She initially grew strawberries in her terrace garden; then shifted them to fields. Today, Jhansi proudly talks of “Strawberry Festival,” something that was unimaginable here!  

Strawberry plant
Strawberry plant

Strawberry in Kutch 

Strawberries are grown in the desert of Kutch! A farmer called Haresh Thacker procured 30,000 plants from Lonavla’s strawberry fields. Lonavla is in Maharashtra, which is know for its strawberry cultivation. But strawberries in Kutch was a dream until Haresh made it a reality. He uses drip irrigation inspired by the Israeli technology. He recently harvested his first strawberry crop.  

Strawberry in Goa 

A young farmer named Shyam Gaonkar grows strawberries in the tropical climate of Sattari taluka of Goa. He grows strawberries along side chillies.  

These are some of the most unlikely places for strawberry cultivation, yet farmers are growing this lovely red and luscious fruit crop successfully.  

Strawberries are packed with antioxidants. These juicy berries are yummy to eat. Now, with strawberry being grown successfully in various parts of India, we are likely to see usual street vendors selling this fruit just like other fruits in India.  

Indeed, we Indians can make things happen!  

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