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World’s Longest Grain Basmati Rice: Incredible Features and Types

Pusa 1121, developed by IARI, is the world’s longest grain basmati rice variety.

Shipra Singh
Comparison of grains of various basmati rice varieties
Comparison of grains of various basmati rice varieties

What type of rice do you cook? Have you ever cooked the world’s longest-grain rice? Yes, it’s a Basmati rice variety, but not the traditional one that you usually cook. It is different. It is Pusa 1121. Is this the rice in your kitchen?  

In Kharif 2003, IARI (Indian Agricultural Research Institute) had almost done a miracle in rice. They developed world’s longest grain rice variety Pusa 1121. It was developed by two brothers –Devesh Mittal, who won the Padma Shri, and Aman Mittal. This rice variety has extraordinary long grain, upto 0.33 inches (8.4 mm). This is the longest-ever known rice grain in the world.  

Features of Pusa 1121 – world’s longest-grain rice 

The variety was released commercially in the Kharif season of 2003. The variety became popular among farmers within 3-4 years due to its striking features like: 

  • It is photo-sensitive

  • It is an early maturing variety

  • It requires lesser water

  • Its yield is anything between 19 to 20 quintals as compared the usual 9 to 10 quintals that traditional long-grained rice varieties provide. 

  • Pusa 1121 features extremely high kernel elongation ratio from 2.0 to 2.5. This means that when the rice is cooked, it expands in length terrifically.  

  • When cooked, this rice variety shows minimum breadth-wise expansion, gives out an appetizing aroma, and is not sticky. Each grain can be seen separate and fluffy when cooked. 

Biryani made from long grain rice
Biryani made from long grain rice

By 2013, cultivation of Pusa 1121 spread to more than 84% of total area in Basmati in Punjab, about 78% in Western UP, 30% in Uttarakhand, 68% in Haryana, and 8% in Jammu and Kashmir. More than 1000 hectares of area of Himachal Pradesh is under Pusa 1121 basmati rice variety. This is also an essential export commodity.  

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Pusa 1121 paddy grains
Pusa 1121 paddy grains

The older this rice, the better it gets 

Pusa 1121 basmati rice gets better when kept for aging for years together. When stored under favourable conditions, it can be kept intact for 10 years! The older the rice, the better its fluffiness, aroma, taste, and overall cooking traits. Each rice grain, when cooked, comes out separate and beautiful with no lumps and stickiness.  

So, if you are looking to impress your guests with fluffy, good-looking rice with an appetizing aroma in the plate, try this world’s longest grain rice.  

Why you must include Pusa 1121 basmati rice in your diet? 

Pusa 1121 basmati rice is perfect for Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, and Continental cuisines. This rice is one of the favourites of nation and international chefs thanks to its range of features such as: 

  • Easy to cook and digest

  • Soft texture

  • High nutrition content 

  • Versatility for use in various recipes

  • Excellent taste

  • Appetizing aroma

  • Non-sticky nature

  • The ability of the grains to stay separate and fluffy after being cooked

More amazing features: 

  • This rice is gluten free. So, those on a gluten-free dietcan easily savor  

  • It is rich in thiamine and niacin. A great way to correct your Vitamin B group deficiency. 

  • It is free of cholesterol. You can have this rice guilt-free even when you are trying to lose fat. In fact, nutritionists regard it as ideal rice for people on weight lose program. 

So, which rice are you cooking 

Pusa 1121 paddy plant
Pusa 1121 paddy plant

Types of Pusa 1121 

Pusa 1121 grains are available based on the basis of their manufacturing process. It is broadly classified as Steam and Sella.  

Steam Basmati 

Steam basmati rice undergoes the process of steaming, which involves the process of passing steam through paddy grains and then removing paddy layers during drying. Rice grains are incredibly long – from 7.55 mm to 8.30 mm.  

The process of steaming makes the grains white and their surface harder to give them strength. That’s why they do not crack or break during cooking and stay fluffy and whole. Cooked rice stays absolutely fresh upto 3-4 hours of cooking.  

White Sella Basmati  

White Sella basmati features hard texture. A few of its remarkable features is that its length doubles when cooked and the rice grains stay separate and do not stick together. This rice is ideal for dishes like biryani, onion rice, fried rice, and other such recipes. The average length of the grains is from 7.55 mm to 8.30 mm and even more.  

Golden Sella basmati 

This basmati rice has caught the eye of chefs and people in general due to its exceptionally long grains that can be as long as 9mm! The rice is slight yellowish and produces a sweet and strong aroma during cooking.  

If you haven’t tried Pusa 1121 basmati rice, you must try it. This rice promises to fill your home with a tempting aroma and give you a hearty meal. Don’t be surprised if all your family members obediently gather at the dining table on meal time. They just can’t resist the rich aroma of the world’s longest grain basmati rice!

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