NAMO Drone Didi 2024

Empowering Women in Agriculture

This Indian scheme empowers rural women by training them as drone pilots for agriculture. 

Drone Didi

Women can learn drone skills for tasks like spraying pesticides, monitoring crops, and mapping fields. 

From SHGs to Skies

Females have a chance to earn a living by offering drone services to farmers, boosting income and promoting gender equality in agriculture.

Earning Power & Equality

By training women in drone technology, Drone Didi bridges the digital divide and empowers rural communities. 

Tech Revolution in Rural India

Drones ensure precise application of pesticides and fertilizers, minimizing waste and maximizing yields for farmers. 

Precision for Profits

The scheme promotes environmental-friendly practices by reducing water usage and minimizing chemical overuse.

Sustainable Future

The program aims to train and empower 15,000 women as Drone Didis across India by 2025-2026.

15,000 Women, Soaring High

Drone skills can be applied to various sectors, opening doors for future career opportunities beyond agriculture. 

Beyond Farming

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