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9 Exceptional Cattle Breeds in the World

Cattle were first domesticated nearly 10,000 years ago. Since then, people have selectively raised them for specific traits. These traits are often practical, but sometimes they are extraordinary. In this article, we will talk about some exceptional breeds of cattle from around the globe.

Sonali Behera
Cattle were first domesticated nearly 10,000 years ago. Since then, people have selectively raised them for specific traits.
Cattle were first domesticated nearly 10,000 years ago. Since then, people have selectively raised them for specific traits.

Generally, cattle are reared for milk and meat. Presently there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of distinct cow breeds all across the world. There isn't a certified count. In addition to the cow breeds that we are aware of, certain uncommon breeds need recognition. Here are 9 of the world's rarest cow breeds.

Rare cow breeds in the world

1. Ankole Watusi Cow

The distinctive feature of these animals is their spectacular, long horns. They are not the only animals on our list with this characteristic, but what makes them special is that the remarkable horns of this breed may extend up to eight feet in length. They appear disproportionately enormous, but they serve useful functions: The enormous horns serve as weapons to intimidate potential predators as well as a means of dispersing heat. The cows typically have dark red coats that occasionally have white flecks.

2. Texas Longhorn Cow

These cows have long horns, as their name implies, that extend upward and outward from the sides of their heads. These sturdy creatures are big and hefty but kind and submissive. The Texas Longhorn cow grew and naturally adapted to the terrain and soil of the United States. The animals are currently renowned for producing lean meat.

3. Whitebred Shorthorn Cow

These dual-purpose cows, which are mostly bred in England and Scotland, are frequently beneficial for nearby farms. They are good choices for farms that raise livestock for meat since they grow rapidly and offer excellent milk. Even as adults, their blonde or light orange/yellow coats give them a "childlike" appearance.

4. Highland Cow

These beautiful cows are native to Scotland and have long, broad horns and shaggy fur on top of their heads that give them the impression that they are wearing toupees. They have short, shaggy fur covering their body, which keeps them warm throughout the chilly winter months. Their broad, open lips and nostrils make it simple for them to graze.

5. Holstein cow Friesian

This kind of cow is special because it has an uncommon pattern of black dots on an all-white body. This breed of cow, which was developed in Germany, Friesland, and Holland, is one of the most prominent dairy producers in existence. The fact that they can produce a lot of milk despite having unimpressive black-and-white bodies tends to draw farmers from all around the world.

6. Panda Cow

The cow is so named because of its coat, which resembles a panda bear. Typically, they have a black body with a white waistline and facial markings. Mutations in the pigmentation are what gave this cow its markings. This inquisitive and playful cow is a wonderful pet. Additionally, the breeders have succeeded in maintaining these in fields and feeding calves.

7. Zebu Cow

Zebu cows are native to India's subcontinent, but they are not well-known or frequently bred elsewhere in the globe. This breed of cattle is well known for having a hump on each shoulder that gives them the appearance of walking with a bent back. These are tough creatures that are quite simple to care for on a budget.

8. Belgium Blue Cow

Compared to other breeds that are now in existence, the Belgian Blue cow is a huge one. These enormous cows are strong, sturdy, and self-reliant. They often have short, nimble legs and black and white coats. They are well-liked by farmers because they have rapid conformation, an easy gestation time, and are easily cross-breed.

9. Cow American Brahman

The American Brahman cow is a particular breed of zebu that was created in the United States from zebu cattle brought from Brazil and India. It retains the distinctive shoulder hump and pronounced dewlap but is either red or grey in colour. However, these cows are also known for their distinctive characteristics, most notably their extraordinarily large ears, which give them a goat-like look. Due to its thick hair and a large amount of loose skin, this breed is renowned for its ability to resist heat.

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