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African Swine Fever Virus Detected in Pune, Authorities on High Alert

Symptoms of ASFV range from high fever and sudden death to respiratory signs and joint swelling.

KJ Staff
Representational Image (Image: Freepik)
Representational Image (Image: Freepik)

The Maharashtra State Animal Husbandry Department is facing a significant challenge following the detection of the African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) in Pune last month. ASFV, known for its highly contagious nature and 100% mortality rate among pigs, has raised concerns over its potential impact on the region's pig farming industry. Prompt measures have been implemented to contain the spread of the virus, including the euthanasia of infected animals within a 1-kilometer radius.

ASFV was first detected in the northeastern part of India in 2020, although it was successfully controlled at that time. However, its resurgence in Pune has reignited fears within the agricultural community, given the lack of effective treatments against the virus.

Preventive Measures

With no known treatment available, vaccination remains the primary preventive measure against ASFV. State authorities are urging pet owners, organized pig farm operators, and veterinary professionals to remain vigilant and report any symptoms indicative of ASFV, particularly high-grade fever, for prompt intervention.


It is essential to note that all pigs are susceptible to ASFV, regardless of whether they are domesticated or feral. However, the risk of infection and control measures applied to these populations may vary.


The clinical syndromes of ASFV vary from per-acute to chronic forms, depending on various factors such as virus virulence and route of exposure. Symptoms range from high fever and sudden death to respiratory signs and joint swelling.


ASFV can spread through direct contact between sick and healthy animals, as well as indirectly through contaminated materials such as infected meat and fomites. Biological vectors, such as soft ticks of the genus Ornithodoros, can also contribute to transmission.

Investigations and Mitigation Efforts

Authorities are conducting thorough investigations, including sample collection and tracing the travel history of infected animals' owners, to determine the exact cause of the viral infection in Pune. Mitigation efforts are focused on containing the spread of the virus and preventing further outbreaks in the region.

Notably, the detection of ASFV in Pune highlights the importance of proactive surveillance and rapid response measures to safeguard the agricultural sector against emerging infectious diseases.

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