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Animal Protein Consumption likely to improve in 2021

Our human body essentially requires 20 different amino acids. But the human body can create only 11 of them (known as "non-essential amino acids"). Therefore it becomes necessary for us to source the remaining amino acids from food supplements. Animal proteins, such as meat, eggs, and milk, are important in providing provide all of the essential amino acids our body requirements. This enhances the importance of Animal proteins as a result. This would explain why demand outlook for Animal protein is important for us.

Abhijeet Banerjee
Animal Meat

Animal protein market growth has been phenomenal in the recent decade.  Animal proteins have wide scale usage in the formation of protein particles in the food industry, e.g., casein, whey protein, gelatin, egg proteins, and fibroin. Proteins isolated from milk are one of the most commonly used proteins from animal sources, e.g., caseins and whey proteins. Protein is abundant in foods and beverages from animals, including meat, poultry, fish and seafood, eggs and dairy products. The proteins, found in meat, poultry, fish and seafood, provide excellent, high-quality protein, also including Vitamin B12 and important minerals such as iron and zinc.  

Our human body essentially requires 20 different amino acids. But the human body can create only 11 of them (known as "non-essential amino acids"), therefore it becomes necessary for us to source the remaining amino acids from food supplements. These are also known as the essential amino acids. Animal proteins, such as meat, eggs, and milk, are important in providing provide all of the essential amino acids our body requirements. This enhances the importance of Animal proteins as a result. This would explain why demand outlook for Animal protein is important for us. Industry forecasts suggest that the overall world demand for animal-derived protein will improve next year and can double in next 30 years. Now let us know about the demand projections region wise for year 2021.  

Animal Products/ Seafood market likely to grow in 2021: Production growth of animal products is expected to rise in n 2021, and the major change is expected in Asia, where the impacts of African swine fever (ASF) are reducing. Pork consumption is expected to lead in the growth process – with since the African swine fever is still not eliminated completely. Poultry and aquaculture growth is forecast to increase followed by beef. The seafood market is expected to improve in 2021 after a decline in consumption this year because of the Covid-19 impact.   

North America & Europe:  

For North America, animal product consumption is projected to register marginal growth with strongest recovery expected for beef. The European poultry market is projected to resume normal growth post Covid crisis, as the foodservice industry is on a recovery stage. Pork and beef production on the other hand may decline as the confidence to consume is slightly lower versus poultry products usage.  

China & South East Asia 

The Beef market may slow down in China but poultry consumption is expected to be strong like 2020. The initial recovery due fading African swine fever cases can improve the pork consumption outlook Meanwhile poultry production in South East Asia is expected to recover after a dismal growth year of 2020. Pork consumption is expected to resume normal growth in Vietnam, but can be restricted in Philippines. On the other hand production of beef and its consumption may improve in 2021.  


The outlook is discouraging for the Animal Production growth in 2021, but as local demand may remain limited, the country can have a better export share. In case exports improve then it support the improvement in the production activity.  

Australia & New Zealand 

Production can increase in Australia as inventories are running lower. However, much will depend on the demand situation prevailing in the continent. New Zealand’s production outlook for Animal products is somewhat moderate with marginal improvement expected in beef followed by a slight reduction for sheep meat.  

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