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Become a Lakhpati by Selling Sahiwal Cow Milk! Here’s How

Today in this article we talk about an Indian cow breed, Sahiwal - its performance, milk productivity and price. We have also done the calculation for you and mentioned the investment and profits of starting a Sahiwal Cow Milk Business.

Binita Kumari
You will get between 2,78,000 and 2,80,000 INR after deducting the cost of the drying period for two months
You will get between 2,78,000 and 2,80,000 INR after deducting the cost of the drying period for two months

Dairy Farming: With so much demand for jersey cows in the dairy industry, desi cows have kinda fallen behind. But let us not forget that they are capable of producing 20-25 liters of milk on a daily basis. The Sahiwal cow, one of the best desi breeds has kept up with its performance and has proven to bring a high income to the owner. Let's examine the Sahiwal cow's performance in the dairy farming industry.

Sahiwal Cow Identification:

To identify a pure Sahiwal cow breed, let's first define what the Sahiwal cow looks like. The Sahiwal cow's head is large and rounded on the forehead. A Sahiwal cow weighs 450 kg on average. They are often red and brownish in appearance, yet occasionally they might be a mix of golden and brown.

Sahiwal’s cow eyes are completely black and appear to have lampblack linings. Sahiwal does not have large or curved horns. Cow horns from Sahiwal are extremely tiny and thick in diameter. The Sahiwal cow story is thick at the bottom and wide at the top. The Sahiwal cow can withstand extreme heat. It can withstand common illnesses thanks to its strong immunity. However, a Sahiwal cow's inability to combat sickness is a sign of you.

The Sahiwal cow can be hostile on occasion due to its large size. However, after getting to know you, they treat you with kindness. Additionally, Sahiwal cows can exhibit a high level of activity when moving around.

Sahiwal Cow Milk per Day:

Some claim to own 25 Sahiwal cows capable of generating 25 litres of milk. However, maintaining a daily milk supply of 25 litres is actually exceedingly challenging.

The Sahiwal cow can often produce 12 to 15 litres of milk per day. Sometimes, at the start of the lactation period, it might reach up to 18 litres. The assertion that a Sahiwal cow can produce 25 litres of milk over the course of lactation is untrue.

Even the most seasoned dairy producers are able to obtain 15 to 20 litres of milk per day from Sahiwal cows during lactation.

Sahiwal Cow Price in the Market:

Sahiwal cows cost less than Jersey and HF cows because they are a desi cow breed. A Sahiwal cow can be purchased in India for between 60,000 and 80,000 INR.

Sahiwal Cow Milk Price in the Market:

Cow milk from Sahiwal is healthy. Sahiwal cow milk is sold for 80 INR per litre in rural areas. The cost of Sahiwal cow milk in cities can range from 100 to 110 Indian rupees per litre. Products prepared using Sahiwal cow ghee and milk are more expensive. The cost of 1 kilogramme of Sahiwal cow ghee is 1,200 INR.

Where to Buy Sahiwal Cows?

It is always preferable to purchase dairy farming cattle individually rather than in bulk. If you purchase from people who only own three to four Sahiwals, there is a good possibility that you will receive a breed of outstanding quality. The answer is straightforward: These people only possess high-quality animals and are reluctant to part with them. If you're lucky, you'll be able to buy a top-notch breed when you persuade them to sell.

Avoid purchasing Sahiwal cows older than five years. In order to run your dairy farming business for a longer period of time, you should purchase younger Sahiwal cows.

Investment and Profit Calculation in Sahiwal Cow Dairy Farming Business:

Regarding Sahiwal cow performance in the dairy farming industry, opinions vary among people. Even though the Sahiwal cow produces the most milk, the cost of feeding it is debatable. Sahiwal cows require more feeding than other desi breeds due to their larger size.

You would spend between 120 and 140 INR per cycle just on feeding. It will be challenging for you if you have several cows. You must build a storage space to keep cow fodder.

It will cost you between 400 and 450 INR per cow when you factor in the costs of electricity (10 INR/day), water (30 INR/day), cleanliness upkeep, and labor (250 INR/day).

You will receive 450 litres of milk in a month assuming a daily milk production of 15 litres. It will produce at least 45,000 INR. The monthly gross profit margin will range from 30,500 to 32,000 INR.

You could have milk for up to 10 months in a year (2 months drying period). You will therefore get a gross profit of 3,05,000 INR to 3,20,000 INR every year. You will get between 2,78,000 and 2,80,000 INR after deducting the cost of the drying period for two months.

This profit margin adequately illustrates the average revenue in the dairy farming industry.

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