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Can we use Fish Waste as a Fertilizer for Plants?

Fish contains many nutrients such as ammonia which is good for plants growth. Now many farmers using Fish amino acid as a organic compound. It's good for all kinds of vegetables and flowers.

Priyanka Menon

Good fertile soil is the most important factor for the healthy growth of the plant. We, the Indians, are the ones who apply various techniques to make the soil fertile. Household waste in our homes is much better than the use of chemicals.

Putting sour porridge, eggs, and onion skins at the base of the plant helps the plant to grow well and bear fruit. Similarly, 'fish waste and water used for fish cleaning' is very good household waste. Most of us love fish dishes. But many of us do not realize that fish heads and other debris are the factors that nourish plant growth. No more dumping fish waste and water used in fish cleaning into the waste heap.

Is Fish waste good for plants?

The growth of the plant can be accelerated by digging the fish head and other wastes in a pot or grow bag at a good depth and then planting vegetables or flowers in it. Fish waste is the best compost that adapts quickly to the soil.

Such debris can be buried by digging a hole without harming roots after planting. It is recommended to make a pit 5 cm deep. Do not pour a lot of water on the plant after digging. Watering is required in the pot itself. After digging the fish head, pour the fermented porridge with water and it is good for the plant to grow quickly.

It is beneficial for the plant to apply calcium hydroxide to the soil 10 days before putting fish waste. Similarly, water used in fish cleaning is good for healthy plant growth. If this water is poured on the bottom of the curry leaves, the curry leaves will germinate well.

Add a small quantity of jaggery to the washed water and set aside for a day. Then add a double quantity of water to it and spray it at the base of the seedlings to cure leaves turning yellow color, leaf curling, and fruit failure.

How to make Fish Amino Acid?

'Fish amino acid' is an organic compound used by many farmers today. It is used to increase the immunity of the plant and to get more results. Herring is the main ingredient in the fish amino acid. Keep in mind that equal amounts of jaggery and fish should be taken for its preparation.

If 250 grams of jaggery is taken, it is estimated that 250 grams of herring. Layer the jaggery and herring evenly in an airtight jar. Fill the top row with a little more jaggery. Fish waste should never float. Keep it out of the sun for 30 days. It is essential to dehydrate it after 15 days of filling.

After 30 days, remove the extract with a nylon cloth. This nutrient alone is sufficient to improve plant growth. Fish can be used with amino acids for up to six months. Bury the remaining residue under the plant. It is best to bury the bottom of the fish waste, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, etc.

We can see the spinach growing and ripening quickly. No one should waste fish scraps. Spraying fish amino acids is also good for the plant. When spraying, do it in the morning or in the evening. Its use is good for all kinds of vegetables and flowers. Use once in two weeks.

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