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Chianina: The Cattle with the Longest Life Span and Other Distinct Features

Learning deep into the biological, molecular and genetic mechanisms of ageing gives us a comparative study on different animal species and their aging. The productivity and profit of the breed cattle is directly proportional to the life span of breeds.

Anju M U
Chianina- Breed of Cattle

The knowledge of the biological, molecular and genetic mechanisms of aging, gives us a comparative study on life spans of different animal species. The productivity and profit of the cattle are directly proportional to the life span of breeds. More the life span of cows, the lower is the cost of production.

Chianina, can be pronounced as Kee-a-nee-na, is one of the oldest cattle breed in the world had originated in the west-central part of Italy, is adapted to various environmental conditions and thereby has various sizes and types ranging different regions.

Chianina can survive up to 20 years. The popular Italian cow has a remarkable feature that it does not have a very longer life if it is primarily reared for beef, instead, the cattles have to be used as draft animals and then they might have 20 or more years of life span.

From Italy to Many Continents- Chianina’s habitats

Chianina gets its name from Chiana Valley of Tuscany province in Central Italy where it is in high population. The breed since World War II had been traded to different Asian countries and other continents such as US, Australia, China, and Canada. 

Features Of Chianina Cow:

The Italian breed is not cute, but beastly as it is large in size with muscular characteristics. These cattle grow fast into giant size with definite muscling in different parts of its body. It has short stubby horn with dark tipping. Both cows and bulls have black pigmented skin, long and straight legs, wide foreheads and an elongated straight face. 

Cows have small udders, yet they don't have very high Milk Production. Alike bulls, the female breeds are valued for draft use and later for beef. Though the calves are born in fawn color, they turn to white after 30 to 260 days.


As bulls and cows of this breed can reproduce by sexual mating, Chianina is easy livestock for farmers.

But, to maximize the rate of fertilization, the farmers proceed for artificial insemination of the cows as it is a more popular method for usual cattle nowadays. 

The pinkish-red colored meat of Chianina contains more protein, less fat, and less cholesterol as compared to other breeds’ beef.

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