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Dairy Farming In Jammu & Kashmir Flourishes With The Help of Various Government Schemes

The government is attracting youth toward dairy farming in Jammu and Kashmir by introducing and promoting various dairy start-up schemes.

Kritika Madhukar
Dairy farming has slowly become a profitable venture
Dairy farming has slowly become a profitable venture

The dairy farming sector in J&K's Bandipora appears to be a profitable venture among the youth. More and more start-ups and dairy units are taking advantage of government-sponsored initiatives and incentives. 

Dr. Owais Ahmad, the Deputy Commissioner of Bandipora, said that the district's Integrated Dairy Development Scheme has 37 recipients, and the administration is doing everything it can to help educated youth take advantage of the initiatives and become financially self-sufficient.

He also said that the district's current production capacity is 2,800 liters per day, which is a strong amount that is likely to rise further. Bandipora has a lot of promise for the Animal Husbandry sector, notably dairy farming, because of its favorable climate and soil and it is motivating a lot of individuals to practice dairy farming. 

Success Story of Tahir's Dairy Farm

With so many prospects, a growing number of young people are entering the industry.

Tahir Ahmad Rather, from Bandipora's Madar area, began a dairy farm in 2020 with the assistance of the district's Animal Husbandry Department. The young guy now has 8 cows that produce between 90 and 95 liters of milk every day.

Tahir's father, Bashir Ahmad Rather, runs the farm alongside him, and the two of them distribute milk around Bandipora, meeting the district's milk needs.

According to Tahir, he began this dairy farm in 2020, and it has helped him earn a living. He is grateful to Bandipora's Animal Husbandry Department for assisting him in establishing the facility.

Tahir has implemented modern technologies on his farm, such as automatic cow milking machines, which save him time while also boosting productivity.

Many other young people in the district benefit from their association with Tahir's dairy farm. Government schemes, particularly the Integrated Dairy Development Scheme, have played a significant influence in Tahir Ahmad Rather's success. There are many other recipients of the scheme in Bandipora, including Tahir, who have started their own dairy farms.

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